Air Conditioning Services in Findlay

Worried that your air conditioner won’t keep up in the warmer Findlay months? From repairs to replacements, Beltz Home Service Co. is your reliable AC contractor.

There’s nothing quite as challenging as coming home on a hot summer day in Findlay to find that the temperatures in your home are warmer than those outside. In many cases, that’s how homeowners determine that there’s an issue with their HVAC system. Luckily, we at Beltz Home Service Co. are here to help. As your AC service company of choice, we can provide you with repair services, system replacements, and even maintenance, to ensure that your system is working in the best shape possible. Our goal is to keep you cool and comfortable, and always have an AC solution for your home needs and budget.

We offer a full menu of AC services to keep you cool:

Need help keeping your air conditioner in peak condition? Find out how our Service Partner Plan can help with all your AC tune-up and maintenance needs.

Signs Your AC Needs Professional Service

Although many homeowners realize there’s a need for repair when they’re already in the midst of an emergency, in many cases your air conditioner will give you plenty of warning signs before a disaster. Some of the more common ones include:

  • Fluctuating air temperatures
  • Higher than usual electric bills
  • Strange noises from the unit
  • Leaking water under your AC
  • The system cycles on and off multiple times

As your air conditioner continues to fall into disrepair, it can struggle to properly cool your home. At Beltz Home Service Co., we offer expert air conditioner repair services and can diagnose many of your issues quickly. We always do our best to get to the source of the problem, solving your AC needs the first time we’re in your home.

Our AC Installation Services

Many homeowners will opt for a repair before a complete replacement, but in some instances, it’s your best option. A new air conditioner can help lower your energy costs, improve your indoor air quality, and provide more airflow to all areas of your home. It’s a common occurrence that as an air conditioner deteriorates it can struggle to cool your home properly. This can result in low airflow and high energy costs - particularly during the summer months.

At Beltz Home Service Co. we always find the right air conditioner for your home. We use the highest rated appliances and offer expert installation with every purchase. Our units are known for their energy savings and also provide a reliable warranty you can count on. Additionally, we take the time to measure your home, getting an AC that’s properly sized to cool every inch of your home.

Ready to take the next step in AC installation? Give us a call to get an estimate on your new installation project.

There When You Need Us Most

At Beltz Home Service Co., we’re dedicated to your comfort. As one of the most trusted air conditioning companies in the Findlay area, we pride ourselves on the ability to provide homeowners with the exact AC solution they need. Whether you need an AC repair, a complete replacement, or just want standard maintenance like AC filter replacement, you can count on our trusted staff to help you.

We’re a family owned and operated company offering satisfaction guarantees with every service. We are also available for emergency service, so when you need us most, we’ll be there to help you with all your home cooling needs.

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