Air Handler Services in Findlay

Our trained HVAC experts at Beltz Home Service Co. offer air handler services that include repair, installation, and replacement in the greater Findlay area.

The HVAC system in your Findlay home is a complex system of moving parts that all have a specific purpose for heating and cooling your home. The air handler is one of those components, and without it, you could find yourself with no airflow or cold air in your home. Air handlers are responsible for moving air throughout your home and also house the evaporator coils that help cool it. When they’re damaged, you’re going to need expert help, and Beltz Home Service Co. is here to help. As your local AC experts, we know the common causes of problems and can help you with air handler repair, installation, and replacement solutions!

Concerned that your air temperature issues are caused by damaged evaporator coils? We offer detailed inspections and repair solutions to get your air cold again in no time!

Common Air Handler Issues

While knowing who to call when you need repair services is key, knowing when to call is just as important. Some common air handler repair issues include:

  • Dirty air filters
  • Poor electrical connections
  • Clogged evaporator coils
  • Faulty motor blower
  • Low airflow in the home

Generally the first place you’ll notice any changes in your home is with the airflow. If there are certain areas that are getting little to no airflow, it should be a cause for concern. Similarly, fluctuating air temperatures can also be a major inconvenience for you and your family, particularly during the summer months.

At Beltz Home Service Co. we take the time to inspect your air handler. In many cases, your issue can be as simple as an evaporator coil cleaning. In other situations, mechanical damage could be preventing your air handler from working properly. Regardless of the cause, you can count on our staff for top-rated solutions.

The Benefits of Air Handler Replacement

Air handlers tend to have a long lifespan, but as with any system, you can expect to experience problems with it sooner or later. The older they get, the more they begin to get worn down costing them their productivity and effectiveness. When that time comes, the HVAC experts at Beltz Home Service Co. are here to assist! Our air handler replacement services include upfront pricing and satisfaction guaranteed every time.

With an air handler replacement, you can expect plenty of benefits, including:

  • Lower energy costs to heat or cool your home
  • Improved airflow throughout your property
  • Colder air during the summer months
  • Quieter operation

With a new air handler in place, you’ll enjoy a cooler home with stronger airflow throughout. For homes with recent remodels or upgrades, this is a particularly important benefit, as you need a strong air handler to properly heat and cool your home.

Worried that your air conditioner is still undersized to cool your home? Be sure to ask our technicians how an AC replacement can help your home.

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