Air Conditioning Repair Services in Findlay

Is your AC blowing hot air or not turning on just before the onset of warm weather? Call Beltz Home Service Co. today for expert AC repair in the Findlay area.

No one truly thinks about how much we rely on our AC units to keep us cool and relaxed until it fails us. The worst thing that can happen during the peak of summer is an air conditioning unit blowing out hot air or refusing to turn on altogether just when we need it most. When you experience AC malfunctions, you can count on us to take care of all your repair needs with great customer service and trained experts who always gets the job done! At Beltz Home Service Co. we have the best technicians in the area and have the expertise and customer testimonials to show for it!

Worried that your AC is beyond repair? We offer affordable air conditioner replacement services as well.

Signs Your AC Needs Repairs

There are a few ways to tell if it’s time to get your AC inspected by a professional technician. By knowing what to look for in the case of a broken AC, you’re taking the necessary steps towards getting the problem taken care of quickly!

  • Spikes In Electricity Bill: When it comes to electricity, your AC is a huge culprit behind a costly bill. However, if you notice a sudden increase in your bill, you may be suffering from a deteriorating unit.
  • Loud Noises: There are a lot of components that go into making an AC unit work. If you hear screeching or grinding noises coming from your unit, this could mean something isn’t working as it should be.
  • Funky Smells: When your air conditioner begins to emit smells, there is great cause for concern. There are different factors that can cause funky odors coming out of your unit. For example, if you smell a burning odor, there could be a wiring issue and it should be inspected immediately. If you smell something a bit foul, this could be caused by unwanted substances getting trapped into your unit. Our air cleaners and filter services are a great solution to that issue.
  • Poor Airflow: If you are experiencing certain areas of your home that aren’t properly receiving cool air, this could be a good cause to have your ducts inspected.

As a general rule of thumb, anytime your air conditioner is struggling to cool your home, you should be taking the time to inspect it.

The Benefits of Ongoing AC Maintenance

One easy way to avoid an emergency AC repair or breakdown is with scheduled maintenance services. While some homeowners think this can easily be ignored, maintenance care offers tons of benefits, including:

  • Improved energy performance
  • Helps extend the lifespan of your system
  • Lowers the noise during operation
  • Strengthens the airflow
  • Keeps the air cooler in your home

As homeowners, we understand you have a lot on your plate, which is why we make air conditioner maintenance easy to schedule. With our Service Partner Plan, you never miss a service appointment. Give us a call today to learn more about the benefits that come along with a Service Partner Plan membership.

Want to do more for the indoor comfort in your home? Be sure to ask our technicians how indoor air quality services can clean the air you breathe in your home.

We Know How to Help

If your AC unit is having difficulty operating properly, it’s time to call a professional technician to get to the source and solve the problem immediately. Our technicians arrive at your home quickly, thoroughly inspect your air conditioner, and provide you with a detailed solution you can count on. We never start work without your ok, and always take the time to explain all the services to you, so you can trust in our quality of work.

Looking for an air conditioning company in the Findlay area that you can trust? Call Beltz Home Service Co. at (419) 421-0072! We provide personalized solutions that will take care of all your AC needs!