Meet 3 Black Inventors Who Changed the Modern Home with Electricity Many of the simple pleasures homeowners enjoy were first created, invented, and patented by African Americans. Throughout the history of electricity, many prominent black inventors took the stand and stood out with their newsworthy inventions. For instance, Lewis Matimer invented the first light bulb, but he also has credit for the first telephone and an HVAC invention. On the other hand, James E. West worked hard to create a microphone that inspired the microphones in smart devices and security appliances. Mary Van Brittan Brown was a black woman inventor who wanted to feel safe, so she created the first home security invention. Lewis Latimer and the Carbon Light Bulb Filament Lewis Latimer is a brilliant black inventor who pushed through adversity to create the carbon light bulb filament. He is truly legendary in the field of electricity for his work. Before the carbon light bulb filament, people used oil and candles to burn for light. His version of the light bulb was a safe option! Interestingly enough, this African American inventor was also a rival and friend to Thomas Edison. For Black History Month, homeowners should be rejoicing Lewis Latimer for introducing the first form of a light bulb. The technology is strikingly similar to what we see in houses today. He also had inventions in the HVAC industry. James E. West and the Electret Condenser Microphone James E West was an interesting person who had a creative mind. He was the person to create and invent the electric condenser microphone. This electronic device has been easy to use and modified since its creation for various household appliances.  Although James E West was the main contributor to the electric condenser microphone, he shares the credit with Gerhard Sessler. Homeowners should thank James E West for being a brilliant black inventor whose inventions are still used today. This type of microphone is commonly found in Smart Home devices, cameras, and microphones embedded into headphones.       Mary Van Brittan Brown and the Home Security System When women and African-Americans were struggling to get jobs and exposure, Mary van Brittan Brown did not wait a second. This proud woman changed the history of electricity by implementing security systems that are common in houses today. She lived an interesting and beautiful life. Mary was a nurse before inventing items to make life easier and safer. Her husband, an electrical technician, inspired her to create a home security system to alert them of movement and intruders. Her first patent was for a two-way communication device. It was a set of peepholes, microphones, and cameras. In the Bronx, New York, she did not feel safe and wanted peace of mind. It took until 1966 for her to file the patent. About Beltz Home Service Co. With over 20 years of experience in the electricity field, Beltz Home Service company prides itself on its excellent customer service skills. This company offers personalized care as they are family-owned. Homeowners interested in electrical services should call this company for more details! +++ Distribution Links +

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