Dedicated Plumbers Don’t Take Holidays Off! Knowing where to find a reliable plumber during may save the holiday season from pipe freeze and other issues. Homeowners should pay attention to any potential issues all year, but a reputable plumber can take care of any holiday disaster. Here’s how to determine if a plumbing company deserves to be on the Nice List. Check Their Credentials Knowing a company is licensed and insured to use their tools on the plumbing system is the first step in choosing the right plumber. Though it’s a good starting place to investigate services offered and qualifications, homeowners shouldn’t rely solely on a flashy website to provide information about licensing and insurance. Each state has specific rules and regulations that apply to individuals and companies. Upon request, a properly licensed plumber should not hesitate to share full names and license numbers. If they refuse, no one should use them.  Here are some other ways to tell if a company is suspicious:  They request the homeowner purchase supplies Their license cannot be found on file with the Better Business Bureau or the state.  They only accept cash for payments They cannot provide a definitive estimate for completion of the work or for the cost Homeowners should always check for both a license and insurance. Any company acting in bad faith should be reported.  Ask the Neighbors Who They Trust These days, it only takes a few clicks or taps to find virtually anything. It would be easy to go online and hire the first plumber the search engine finds, but that’s not always the best way. When it comes to skilled tradespeople, homeowners must do the proper research before agreeing to hire anyone. The most tried and true method for finding a trusted plumber is to get a referral.  Ask neighbors, friends, and relatives who they trust in their homes. Good plumbing companies can provide references from former customers. Ones that hesitate in providing this information should be avoided. Homeowners should also check with the Better Business Bureau and reviews on social media. Chances are, if a customer has had an unpleasant experience, they won’t hesitate to let the world know about it!  Save Money With a Service Partner Plan The best way to avoid costly repairs and emergency service calls is to have a licensed and insured plumber regularly perform maintenance on the home’s various appliances and systems. Homeowners should consider participating in a service membership program offered by most plumbing companies.  These agreements often include: Discounts on repairs Waived emergency service fees Free or discounted inspections Extended or lifetime warranties on work performed Service memberships vary in price but could potentially save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Homeowners should inquire about membership offers with their preferred plumber professional.  About Beltz Home Service Co. Beltz Home Service Co. has provided award-winning service to northwest Ohio for over 19 years. A veteran-owned and operated company, they pride themselves on treating every customer with respect and providing top quality workmanship.Call Beltz Home Service Co. all general plumbing services.  +++ Distribution Links +

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