It’s Almost Winter! Solve All Your Heater Issues Today! As the weather begins to cool down, the need for heater maintenance, repairs, and replacement is upon us. The last thing homeowners should do is hold off on fixing any problems that pop up on their furnace. A broken furnace in the winter is a health and safety risk.  That is why it is crucial to know the signs that the furnace needs a little attention. There are three main things that Findlay, OH HVAC professionals want homeowners to know. Continue reading below to learn more.  Is the Heater Blowing Cold Air? Perhaps one of the easiest problems to spot is when the furnace starts to blow out cold air rather than warm. It might not be all the time either. Chances are, the furnace will blow a mixture of warm and cool air into the home. However, when homeowners notice this inconsistency or feel like their heater is always on because their home won’t stay at the desired temperature, it is probably time to replace or repair the furnace.  Granted, it could be blowing cold air simply because the air filter is dirty. Be sure to change the filter before calling a professional. If the problem continues, it is most likely within the furnace itself and requires professional assistance.  Hearing Unusual Noises? One thing homeowners never want to hear from their furnace is loud, unusual noises. Mainly because when a well-maintained furnace kicks on, it is barely noticeable. However, when the furnace needs a little work, homeowners are more likely to hear it.  That said, the furnace could also start making extremely loud noises that startle the household. There is nothing to fear, though. The furnace is bound to get unusually loud now and then. It is important to have a trusted professional when the furnace starts to make unexplainable loud noises.  A professional will ensure the furnace is still efficient enough to get the job done properly. All in all, if the furnace starts to make loud noises, it is recommended homeowners shut it off until they can get a professional out to take a look at it.  Is the Pilot Light Yellow? Whether homeowners have owned their house for years or just moved in, they often check on their furnace. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, but it tends to last a lot longer when homeowners keep it taken care of.  One of the most important areas to frequently check on a furnace is the pilot light. If the light is orange or yellow, that means it lacks oxygen. It is possible for the furnace to still work fine with an orange or yellow pilot light, but if homeowners start to notice other problems, it is probably best to replace it entirely.  A yellow pilot light can also cause carbon monoxide to be released and pollute indoor air. Common symptoms homeowners might start to feel include:  Headaches Dizziness Fatigue Carbon monoxide poisoning is serious and should be dealt with accordingly. The moment homeowners notice their pilot light turning an orange or yellow color, be sure to call a professional to fix it right away.  Beltz Home Service Co. Is There for Their Customers Heaters malfunction, especially when they aren’t properly and regularly maintained. When homeowners hire the professionals at Beltz Home Service Co., they can trust that they are getting experts that can spot a problem before it gets outrageously expensive. Keep an efficient home and call to schedule heating services today! +++ Distribution Links +

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