How To Know When To Call for Emergency Furnace Repair It would be more beneficial if heaters would break down in the summer months, but unfortunately, that’s not how things work. The heater gets used during the winter, so of course, that is also when emergency furnace breakdowns occur. Homeowners must have a reliable emergency HVAC repair company on-hand during the winter months because the chances of an emergency happening after hours are a lot higher than one might think. That said, there are a few signs that every homeowner should watch for. These signs point to the need for emergency furnace repair, and the sooner these signs are spotted, the safer the entire situation will be. It’s Cold Outside, But the Furnace Still Blows Cold Air Perhaps the most common reason homeowners call about an emergency plumbing situation is that their furnace only blows cold air. However, that doesn’t mean that finding the culprit to the problem is necessarily easy. There are a few different problems that can result in the furnace blowing cold air.  A few of these problems are:  The pilot light is out The air filter is dirty The home has significant duct issues The condensate drain lines are clogged It’s a severe problem when a furnace only blows cold air in the winter. That’s why it’s crucial to have a trustworthy emergency plumbing service to call when something like this occurs. They will keep the family safe from the cold temperatures.  The Unit Makes Loud Noises Furnaces run nearly every day of the year, and for the most part, they are silent. So, when the homeowner notices the furnace making loud and unusual noises all of a sudden, they can take this as a good indicator that there is something else going on.  The bottom line is that loud and unusual noises are almost always a bad sign for plumbing systems and should be handled appropriately and efficiently. Loud noises can quickly lead to broken pipes and flooding in the home that damages furniture and appliances.  The House Starts To Smell of Gas It is vital for the household to leave right when they pick up the smell of gas, even before they call in a professional. Gas is poisonous and can cause illness in humans in a matter of minutes.  Smelling gas in the home indicates a possible gas leak, which is an emergency that requires professional care as soon as possible. Gas leaks are dangerous to breathe and can potentially cause a fire in the home if not dealt with properly. That is why it’s crucial to find an emergency plumbing service that is fast and experienced.  Beltz Home Service Co. Keeps Families Safe Findlay, OH winters can get pretty frigid. That’s why it is so crucial for homeowners to call Beltz Home Service Co. when they are in the middle of a heater emergency. These professionals will work long hours to ensure their customers are safe, especially in the winter. Call today to schedule heating services! +++ Distribution Links +

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