The White House’s Electrical History From Beginning To Present Day Most Americans can name off a list of facts about the notorious White House on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. It is perhaps the only address that nearly all Americans know by heart. However, some facts aren’t as widely known, including when the White House first got electricity and how it has advanced over the years. Findlay professionals have fun facts about the White House that they want homeowners to know, and the hope is that all of America will soon follow suit with the way we power our homes.  At the very least, they can spend this President’s Day learning about small efforts the White House takes towards saving the environment.  The Day It All Began Electricity was installed in the White House during the presidency of Benjamin Harrison. However, during this time, most people were still terrified of electrocution and rarely used indoor electricity when they did have it. President and First Lady Harrison were no exception. It wasn’t until 25 years later, when the White House got an electric refrigerator, that the world started to feel more accustomed to electricity use.  The White House first had power in the State, War, and Navy Buildings and featured wires strung across the yard. By no means was it technologically advanced, but the White House was wired and ready to go.  Capitol Hill Gets Solar & Thermal Energy Americans want their Presidential home to be modern and up-to-date, and it’s safe to say that the installation of thermal and solar energy did just that.  The main thing solar and thermal energy have in common is that they both pull energy from the sun. That said, there are two fundamental differences between the two. Essentially, solar energy is used for electrical work, while thermal energy is used for heating systems most of the time.  Thermal and solar energy are sustainable energy-saving power sources that humans have relied on for many years. Still, few homeowners invest in thermal or solar energy power, but it is by far the most environmentally friendly way to power the home.  Other “Green” Areas of the White House Throughout American history, presidents have always tried to make the White House “greener,” which is great because eco-friendly efforts are always getting better and more precise. That said, in today’s world, Donald Trump was responsible for continuing the eco-friendly trend during his mansion renovations during this presidency.  It’s hard to say how much of the eco-friendly energy systems he maintained, but here are a few things he could have added or updated in the home:  Water-saving showerhead Water-saving toilet Energy-saving light bulbs About Beltz Home Service Co.  No matter the issue, Findlay, OH residents can trust the experts at Beltz Home Service Co. to keep them safe and their homes efficient all year round. This servicing company works hard to ensure their customers are always happy with the completed job because they care about their community. Call today to schedule electrical service! +++ Distribution Links +

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