Why Do You Hire a Plumber? When homeowners think of hiring a plumber, it’s typically because a plumbing emergency arises. Broken plumbing, leaking pipes, and busted water heaters are just a few of the common reasons plumbers are called. But plumbers can be called for a wide variety of reasons, and not just for emergencies. If you have a job that you want to make sure goes right, a plumber might be your best option. By calling a certified plumber, you can be sure any job – no matter the size – will be done to perfection. Fix a Leaking Faucet Every homeowner has experienced the frustrations of a leaky faucet. More than merely an annoyance, a leaky faucet can turn into a gushing stream if left for too long. Before it becomes an emergency, call a plumber so you can get it fixed right away. Not only will a plumber get your home back to working order, but you’ll save yourself extra bills that often come with plumbing emergencies in addition to potential damage to your home if a flood occurs. A variety of issues can cause leaky faucets and a plumber has the proper tools to fix them, from replacing parts of a pipe to wrapping pipes with plumbing tape to keep your connections watertight. They Can Upgrade Your Showerhead Bathroom and showerhead upgrades are always desirable. When you want to make your old bathroom match the rest of your recently remodeled home, or if you’re simply tired of old fixtures, upgrading a showerhead is an excellent place to start. Upgraded showerheads can increase water savings and provide a more enjoyable shower. Replacing the showerhead, however, can often be a chore that many homeowners would rather forgo. Plumbers can install your new showerhead quickly, efficiently, and safely. While it may be doable to DIY this project, by calling a plumber to do it for you, you can be sure you won’t end up with a leaking pipe, incorrectly installed showerhead or piping that won’t fit together. Plumbers can carry out this simple task in very little time, ensuring you’re back to normal in no time. They Keep Your Kitchen Working Needing garbage disposal repairs is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. One day it works like a machine, and the next day, well, it just stops. Sometimes it grinds to a halt accompanied by a horrific sound. Other times, you flip the switch and nothing happens. Whatever the reasons your garbage disposal stops working, don’t go for that liquid drain cleaner! Call a plumber. There are many reasons why your garbage disposal might stop working and none of them are quick DIY fixes. Only a plumber has the tools necessary to get into your machine, find the source of the problem, and fix it safely. Garbage disposals are notorious for their razor-sharp blades inside the hole of your sink. You should never try fishing around inside to feel what’s happening. Call a plumber for quick, convenient, and above all, safe solutions for your garbage disposal problems. About Beltz Home Service Co. Beltz Home Service Co. has been serving Findlay, Ohio, for all their plumbing and HVAC needs since 2001. With every call, you’ll receive five-star service from honest and professional technicians whether you need heater repair, air conditioner maintenance, or a leaky pipe fixed. ++++ Distribution Links + magic1065.com lubbocks969thebull.com kake.com erienewsnow.com klkntv.com wrcbtv.com abc6.com fox21delmarva.com weny.com wboc.com newson6.com wicz.com tulsacw.com news9.com 1007thescore.com doublet973.com 937theeagle.com mylubbocktv.com fox34.com oldies977lubbock.com lubbockcw.com telemundolubbock.com 1077yesfm.com ktvn.com abc-7.com 929thedrive.com 1170kfaq.com nbc-2.com htv10.tv khits.com snntv.com datelinecarolina.org kvoo.com central.newschannelnebraska.com bigcountry995.com metro.newschannelnebraska.com plattevalley.newschannelnebraska.com southeast.newschannelnebraska.com panhandle.newschannelnebraska.com midplains.newschannelnebraska.com rivercountry.newschannelnebraska.com northeast.newschannelnebraska.com wrde.com

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