Tips for “Green” Holiday Decorations As homeowners decide which holiday lights to use for their indoor decorations, many thoughts turn to what options will be the most eco-friendly. With so much focus on green options, being able to find holiday lights that fit the bill is easier than ever. But which lights are the most eco-friendly and why? This article will discuss some simple upgrades for your holiday lighting that won’t limit the cheer but might improve the environment! Replace Indoor Lights with LED LED (or Light Emitted Diode) lights almost always come in first in the eco-friendly category. They use just about 1/10th of the energy needed by the more traditional, incandescent lights. They also last 50 times longer. In addition, LED holiday lights also don’t give off the same amount of heat that incandescent indoor lights do. This makes them much more safe to use around flammable Christmas items like presents and trees! Another benefit of LED holiday lights is that they don’t stop working if a single bulb burns out! Considering how much frustration this can cause, it may be worth the cost alone. One of the common complaints about LED lights, however, is that they tend to not be quite as bright as the more traditional varieties. While this may have been true in the beginning, each generation of holiday lights gets brighter and more clear. Homeowners should not let that deter them. Sunny Conditions? Use Solar Powered Lights! A fun new invention is solar powered holiday lights. These lights are charged by the sun during the day so that they don’t need to be connected to an outlet at night. This saves homeowners who have larger displays a fairly significant amount of money on their electricity bill. The lights attach to a small solar power panel, which is on a stake. The stake will need to be placed in an area that gets plenty of direct sunlight. The solar panel soaks up all of the rays and stores them in the attached battery for later use. There is a light sensor located on the solar panel as well, which tells the lights when it is dark enough to use the energy. The majority of these holiday lights are also made with LED lights, which allows for even more efficient energy usage. They do have a slightly higher cost upfront, however, but still end up saving the homeowner money in the long run. They can be purchased at most big home improvement stores, as well as online stores like Amazon. Same Rustic Look With Modern Upgrades For homeowners looking to mix it up this holiday season, LED lights come in a variety of different forms and shapes. One of the more popular is the LED light powered candles. Some of them even have a setting where they flicker, which makes them look even more realistic. When placed in the window of a home, they add a fun, old-world charm without the risk of fire. There is also an almost endless variety of pre-made Light Emitting Diode holiday light displays. From snowmen to holly to Santa Claus himself, LED displays are made to attach to the inside of the window by a suction cup. They come in many different sizes, which makes them perfect for all different shapes of windows. Call Beltz Home Service Co. Today! Beltz Home Service Co. has been providing high standard home plumbing and HVAC service since 2001. They promise their professional, award-winning staff will respond to each customer need in hours instead of days. ++++ Distribution Links +

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