Benefits of Heat Pump Systems  This article explains why homeowners looking to save on their power bill this winter should consider heat pump installation. Switching to a heat pump system can make the home more eco-friendly and keep power bills low. Heat pump repair is easier and safer than combustion system repair. Less annual HVAC maintenance Safer than combustion systems Eco-friendly & reduces carbon emissions Long-lasting performance  Less expensive than combustion systems  How Heat Pumps Work A heat pump system works by moving air from one place to another. There are two main types of heat pumps: geothermal heat pumps and air source heat pumps.  Air source heat pumps move the air outside of the home to the air inside the home. Ground source heat pumps move heat from the ground outside to the inside air.  Furnaces and combustion heating systems create heat, and heat pumps move heat instead. Even in cold temperatures, heat pump systems pull heat from the outdoors. Heat pumps work for both cooling and heating.  There is a fan and a coil on the inside of the heat duct unit. Depending on whether the heat pump is set to heating or cooling, the coil works as an evaporator or condenser. The fan and the coil work together to create the desired temperature inside the home. Benefits of Ductless Heating  Traditional furnaces use a ductwork system within the walls to distribute heat from the furnace to warm the home. A ductless system has an outdoor unit that directly connects to an indoor unit. A window air conditioner is one example of a ductless AC system, but the most common ductless system for both heating and cooling is a wall-mounted mini-split.  Ductless heating reduces the environmental impact of the heating system. It keeps the energy bills low because it uses exactly the amount of energy needed to warm or cool the space. Smart ductless heating systems learn the energy patterns of the home and adjust automatically to optimize efficiency.   It takes far less time to install a ductless heating system than it does to install ductwork. The only modification to the home necessary for installing a ductless unit is a small hole in the wall, which will not be visible after the system is installed. Heating service for a ductless system is also less expensive and takes less time.  Benefits of Energy Savings for Low Utility Bills Keeping energy use as low as possible is not just good for the environment; it also benefits the homeowner financially by cutting back on heating costs. When shopping for a new heating system, homeowners should look for an ENERGY STAR rating to see how much they could save on their power bill annually by switching.  Some energy companies offer financial incentives for switching to a more energy-efficient system. Homeowners should check with their local energy provider to see if they are eligible for utility rebates for switching to a heat pump or ductless heating system. About Beltz Home Service Co.  Homeowners looking for a reliable heating service company in Findlay, OH can depend on Beltz Home Service Co. for all of their heating and cooling needs. They have been proud to serve their community with high-quality home services since 2001. Call Beltz Home Service Co. today to schedule heating service! +++ Distribution Links +

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