Stop All Worries About Plumbing Blocks When a homeowner thinks of a summer gathering, they are likely to be concerned primarily with food, drink, decor, and seating. Perhaps activities for younger guests and other forms of entertainment enter the mix. But do they always think to consider the possible strain on the household plumbing situation? The water, drainage, and gas lines need to be in full working order for everything to go off without a hitch.  A lack of preparation could end in embarrassment for a host and guests and could cause disaster to the entire neighborhood. Food Disposal 101: Why a Home Needs a Garbage Disposal There are many rules for how one deals with putting things down the drain. The primary rule is to throw nothing but water down said drain. This is a tough rule to follow, particularly in a kitchen with a party going on. Garbage disposals are there to help. When installed under a kitchen sink, this handy appliance breaks up any food particles that end up in the drain into tiny pieces that one can easily flush through a drain pipe and out of the house. It helps eliminate odors of rotting food from the trash can and makes food cleanup much simpler. Of course, the more guests attend, the more food trash there is, which can help ease the stress of the after-party cleanup. Additionally, it is possible to install a garbage disposal as a DIY project with only a little know-how. Safety Is Not a Gas: Check the Lines Gas leaks are one of the most dangerous home emergencies. A spark from a firework and a tiny crack in the gas line create a recipe for disaster. Constant vigilance is key when checking for the possibility of leaks in a gas line. Smell: If that slight methane odor is wafting around outdoors, that may point to a gas leak. Look: Does the flame shutter or turn orange? Air in the line may indicate a break in the line. Call: If anyone smells gas, they should immediately call their gas company. Make the Bathroom Ready for the Party “Goers” The grill is hot, the drinks are cold, and there is a line for the bathroom. What could go wrong? Unfortunately, the list of possibilities is not short. While a new faucet is perfect for updating decor, this perhaps should not be the top priority. The toilet is the first thing to consider. Can that old commode handle a party of this magnitude? It might be time to upgrade to prevent embarrassment for both the host and the guests. Gravity Assist Toilets: Using gravity is the most traditional form of flush (think of the tank above the bowl and weight of water pushing down), but even this method has improved through modern engineering. They are also becoming more environmentally friendly by using less water. Pressure Assist Toilets: These toilets use water pressure to increase the efficiency and efficacy of the flush. Little hope remains for the clog with these around. Dual Flush Toilets: These are a good choice for a guest bath as they conserve water and allow the guest to use more water if something (ahem) more solid may be present. About Beltz Home Service Co. This veteran-owned family business has served the Findlay, OH area for 20 years. Beltz Home Service Co. boasts reliable technicians, great customer service, and straightforward pricing. Contact them to schedule routine plumbing service today! +++ Distribution Links +

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