Could Your AC Be Behind Your Cough? With everyone on high alert, making a trip to the grocery store can feel like a covert mission. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, such a trip triggers even more anxiety. Going out with a dry cough from allergies will earn you stares and maybe even some rude comments from your fellow patrons. Everyone is scared of contracting a disease and taking it home to their families. Those with seasonal allergies may be taking every precaution to protect themselves and those around them, but coughing in public will still put a target on their backs, however, many times indoor air quality can be to blame. Cold Air and Coughing A dry cough is commonly triggered by seasonal allergies or asthma in the springtime. Some common causes for a cough include: Mold Pets Dust Pollen Dander These allergens irritate the airways and can trigger symptoms that include coughing. When most parents said “don’t go outside right now, you’ll catch a cold,” a very small amount of people really took the sentiment to heart. You can’t really get sick from simply being in the cold, can you? Well, it turns out cold, dry air may not make you sick, but it can have a profound effect on individuals who have asthma and seasonal allergies, making their symptoms worse by inducing a dry cough. Allergy season is in the spring, a time when the weather warms up, and people start spending more time outside. Unfortunately, this is also the time people crank up their AC. Big gusts of wind from a home’s AC can actually induce a dry cough by causing the airways to constrict. Optimal Home Temperature To keep your home comfortable, and to avoid big gusts of wind that can cause your airways to tighten, keep your home at a temperature between 72 and 74 degrees. This will ensure your home does not get too hot when temperatures rise but also will keep the humidity at a comfortable level so your throat does not become dry, which will work to worsen the dryness in your throat. Additionally, keeping your temperatures at a consistent level can also help lower your energy costs. While your home should always be comfortable for your entire family, less runtime means fewer impurities in the air and more comfortable temperatures for your lungs and respiratory system. Invest in a Humidifier As previously mentioned, the humidity levels in a home can also work to improve or worsen an individual’s dry cough. Humidity is the measure of water vapor present in the air. Optimal humidity levels for a home are between 50-55%. Humidifiers work by releasing water vapor into the air to put moisture back and make it easier for you to breathe. Dirty humidifiers can lead to health problems, so it’s essential to make sure you clean your humidifier regularly. Cleaning your humidifier removes dust and mold that can build up and make allergies worse. Times are tough right now, especially for individuals scared to venture to the grocery store for fear of public retribution due to their dry cough. If this describes you, consider lowering your AC to reduce gusts of wind and invest in a humidifier to help put moisture back into the air. Do what you can to help improve your allergy symptoms, so you feel comfortable once again, going outside. HVAC and Plumbing Experts Know Best Family owned and operated, Beltz Home Service Co. provides the highest standard for HVAC and Plumbing Services in Findlay, Ohio. In business for almost 20 years, Beltz Home Service Co. is committed to quality workmanship and unbeatable service. Their customer-focused approach is the reason why Findlay residents continue to trust their expertise. ++++ Distribution Links +

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