Identify and Properly Respond to Gas Leaks Natural gas is used in many homes as a source of heating and cooking, posing a potential safety hazard for homeowners. Gas leaks can be extremely hazardous. When natural gas enters a home, people may experience physical symptoms such as ringing in the ears, chest discomfort, nosebleeds, dizziness, drowsiness, and breathing difficulties. Gas leaks can also cause fires and explosions. Excess natural gas in the house can be deadly, especially if there are gas appliances. Recognizing gas leak symptoms can help protect the home and family from tragedy, so continue reading to find out how to detect leaks, what to do, and how professionals can help. How to Identify a Gas Leak When homeowners smell natural gas, they should investigate. These foul smells are one of the most frequent indicators of a natural gas leak. It’s never a good sign to smell gas indoors or near your water heater without an explanation, but the odor of gas is intentionally infused into it. Gas companies add the scent to alert people to gas leaks. Gas exposure may have negative long-term health effects. Exposure can cause occupants to feel dizzy and short of breath or experience nausea and headaches. Most people don’t think of gas poisoning when they feel sick. But continued exposure will cause detrimental health effects. It’s worth seeing a doctor to ensure no one has been overexposed to gas. How to Respond to Gas Leaks While a gas leak is a serious problem, it’s critical for homeowners to keep their heads when reporting it. The best action to take is to evacuate the area where a leak is suspected. Don’t worry about locating the gas shut-off valves or turning off any electricity. Instead, get as many people as possible and walk a safe distance away from the location. Walk, not drive, because gas leaks near a vehicle may be dangerous. Any sparks, intentional or not, may cause an explosion. Homeowners should also contact their utility provider. Typically, they have a special line for gas leaks. Gas leaks are taken quite seriously by utility companies. When the emergency number is called, they will come to the location as quickly as possible. They’ll also give further instructions on how to react if there’s a serious problem. In the event of an unanticipated issue, homeowners might consider phoning 911 to get everyone out of the location as quickly as possible. How Professionals Help With Gas Leaks Professionals are trained in gas leak detection and can repair any gas leak, regardless of how small or large it may be. They employ the most efficient approach feasible to guarantee that no damage is done to the home during the procedure. Professionals are trained to find exactly where the leak is coming from, provide the most appropriate repair solution, and ensure everything is in working order and safe. Homeowners can avoid many of these dangers by installing natural gas detectors in appropriate locations. It should allow families time to vacate the space, avoiding long-term contact. About Beltz Home Service Co. Beltz Home Service Co. is one of the area’s most relied upon plumbing, electrical, and HVAC companies. Call them today for gas leak services in Findlay, OH. +++ Distribution Links +

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