How to Get a Head Start on Holiday Decorating Most homeowners see November roll around and make a solemn vow that this year there are “going to get the holiday decorations up early.” Or at least on time. But even though most homeowners make this vow, the majority of them don’t get the holiday lights up around the house until the last minute. If only there were some tips, homeowners could use to spur them on this holiday season. Luckily, there are! Read on to find out how to choose the right lights, make sure not to burn the house down, and even save some money by going “green” with holiday decorations.  Choosing the Right Lights It seems like there are new types of Christmas lights to choose from every year. From new designs to new configurations, there’s no shortage of unique decorations. Luckily, this is one of the best parts of decorating for the holidays. But there’s a lot to consider when choosing lights. Focusing on durability, length, and bulb type is a great way to choose.  String lights are always a favorite, and these come in varying styles. The small LED bulbs that draw very little power are a favorite, and they tend to last a long time — much longer than incandescent bulbs. Plus, it’s easy to connect many different strands without worrying about overloading the electrical system. There are also the larger throwback ceramic bulbs that remind homeowners of Christmases past. Of course, there are also icicle lights or projectors to add to the home’s aesthetic.   Keep Electrical Safety in Mind! Before going wild with the decorations, it’s important to keep electrical safety in mind. Electrical fires are a real threat when using decorations, so it’s good to keep these tips in mind. Whether the lights are old or new, the first thing homeowners should do is inspect them for any broken bulbs, frayed lines, or loose connections.  Those using incandescent lights should make sure never to connect more than three strands, as this can pose a danger of electrical fire. It’s also good to make sure to not exceed the amperage ratings of any extension cords with holiday lights.  How to Go Green This Holiday Season Holiday lights have come a long way in recent years. The old incandescent lights are still available today, but there are some more eco-friendly options to choose from. LED lights are a huge step up from incandescents, both in terms of safety and energy use. LEDs stay cool even after hours of use. Plus, they use significantly less energy. For example, a string of 25 incandescent lights uses around 175 watts, while a string of 25 LED lights only uses 2.2 watts.  For an even bigger step up, homeowners should go with solar-powered lights. These feature rechargeable batteries that gather a charge from the sun during the day to run at night. There’s no need for an outlet with these holiday lights, so they don’t cost the homeowner a penny in energy usage. All in all, there are some great, safe options for holiday decorations this season! About Beltz Home Service Co. Beltz Home Service Co. has been proud to serve Findlay, OH since 2001. For 20 years, they’ve been offering excellent customer service and superb workmanship. They also provide upfront pricing and a five-star rated reputation. Call now for electrical services! +++ Distribution Links +

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