Stay Safe With These Three Tips for Electrical Decorations! More than ever before, Halloween has become about decorations as much as it is about costumes. There are myriad choices, from cutesy to spooky to gorey. No matter a household’s taste in decor for this particular season’s fun, if the Halloween inflatables overload a circuit, they can go from planned scares to unexpected scares very quickly. If a homeowner is a big fan of Halloween and lots of decorations, they should consider these tips as they set up their Halloween yard decorations. Safety Tip #1: Examine the Decorations Halloween decorations are used for a few weeks in a year at most. The majority of their existence is spent in some form of storage. While this is certainly the intended purpose for these elaborate features, they can also take significant damage even when stored carefully. That is why it is important to follow a few simple safety steps to ensure that the decorations will create a display the whole neighborhood will love, not an emergency that the whole neighborhood can gossip about. When removing decorations from storage, keep an eye out for these problems: Damaged Cords Faulty Wiring Broken Light Bulbs If a homeowner makes an inspection before plugging in the decorations, they can make sure everyone is safe. Safety Tip #2: Make a Plan For Plugging In When it comes to the next step of arranging and plugging in the decorations, several aspects need to be considered. Knowing where the plugs are in and around a home may be second nature to someone who lives there, but they may not think about the strategies needed when using multiple receptacles. In particular, the larger decorations that take more power should be plugged in strategically. Here are a few do’s and don’ts for planning how to provide electricity to yard decorations: Avoid Water: A homeowner should ensure the electrical decorations are far away if a home has a pool or sprinkler system. Avoid Overloading Outlets: Plugging too many things into one outlet can cause an overload, leading to arcing, heat, and electrical fires. Install GFCI outlets: This special safety outlet, called a ground fault circuit interrupter, is perfect for outdoor plugs. It will interrupt the current if there is any difference between the electricity going out and the electricity coming in. Use Extension Cords Sparingly: Using extension cords can be a great solution for decor that is far from home. Using too many extension cords can cause a tripping hazard and possibly damage the cords from vehicles and garden tools. Safety Tip #3: Surge Protectors Are a Decorator’s Best Friend Surge protectors can be even more invaluable than extension cords. Surge protectors not only allow for multiple things to be plugged in in one place, they can also shut off if a circuit is overloaded. This is another way to prevent electrical fires that does not require a rewiring of the whole house. Suppose a homeowner has any concerns about their electrical wiring. In that case, they should make an appointment with a reputable electrician in order to get the best possible understanding of the safest way to decorate and use their plugs strategically. About Beltz Home Service Co. Beltz Home Service Co. has served the people of Findlay, OH and the surrounding areas for more than two decades. They are a one-stop shop for home comfort solutions with trusted technicians and honest pricing. Call today for round-the-clock emergency electrical service. +++ Distribution Links +

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