Make Sure Your Backyard Is Prepared for Summer Guests! Summer is officially here, which means it’s time for family cookouts, fun in the sun, and legendary celebrations that last well into the night. And what do these summer activities tend to have in common? They take place in the backyard! After all, nothing says summer like a little backyard BBQ on the 4th of July or sitting on the back porch watching the fireflies come out as the sun goes down. But some homeowners might feel like their backyards aren’t as inviting or as fun as they could be, so they might be holding back on the parties and family gatherings this summer. But everyone deserves to bask in the summer magic in their dream backyard, so this article will provide a little inspiration and tips for turning that lackluster backyard into a summer sanctuary! Add Some Decorative Lighting Many homeowners may be surprised by how dramatically one can transform their backyard by making a few changes to the outdoor lighting.  Homeowners can add landscape lighting, stake lights, or fence-mounted lights to highlight foliage or architecture and give the yard a greater sense of depth and color. One can add pathway lighting to make the yard safer and encourage exploration. Rattan lanterns are trending as a visually appealing way to add ambient light to a patio or lawn. And homeowners can always go with the tried and true string lights for a soft, magical glow around the patio or under the boughs of a tree – there are plenty of colors and bulb styles to choose from! These are just a few examples of outdoor lighting options, but there are so many more to choose from, and homeowners should feel free to use as many of them as they like to turn the backyard into a gorgeous wonderland! Have a Generator On Hand The next tip for getting the home summer-ready has less to do with aesthetics and more with safety and practicality – install a generator. If a summer storm sweeps in and knocks out power, having a backup generator can keep the festivities from coming to an abrupt end, but more than that, it can transform the home into a safe shelter for the guests to ride out the storm. While other neighbors on the block will be without power, homeowners will still have all the electricity they need to keep their devices charged, keep food from spoiling (not to mention cooking food!), and power important appliances like the water heater, HVAC system, and medical equipment. Portable generators can offer some degree of help but generally need to be manually turned on and refueled. A whole-home generator typically connects to the home’s natural gas supply and the main electrical panel, so it can automatically kick on in the event of a power outage and supply power indefinitely whether the homeowners are at home or on vacation. This isn’t just a major benefit in the summer but also in Ohio’s harsh winters when power is just as vital. Add a Hot Tub or Pool Finally, for those who want to go all out and treat themselves this year, putting in a hot tub or pool can transform the backyard into a summertime oasis everyone wants to spend time in! Not only do pools and hot tubs add a new level of fun and relaxation to the backyard, but they also increase the home’s property value. However, some special electrical codes and regulations must be met when installing a pool, hot tub, or any other kind of water feature due to the proximity of water to lights, pumps, and other electrical components. That’s why it’s essential to hire a professional electrician who’s certified to install and work on such electrical systems. This way, homeowners can enjoy their new hot tub or pool, knowing they’re safe for guests who will come clamoring to take a dip this summer! About Beltz Home Service Co. The veteran-owned and operated Beltz Home Service Co has served the Findlay community with pride since 2001. As an award-winning, A+ BBB-rated business with countless 5-star reviews, they are serious about their commitment to safety, honesty, and 100% customer satisfaction. Call Beltz for electrical services in Findlay, OH today! +++ Distribution Links +

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