How to Find an Excellent “Electrician Near Me” Thanks to Google Maps and Yelp, you can find every electrician within a thirty-mile radius from your house. Just because they’re close, however, doesn’t mean they’re the best technician for the job. There are a number of requirements to look for when searching for an excellent electrician and several “red flag” warnings that tell you to stay away, after all nobody wants to be dealing with electrical fires. Here are three such warnings you’ll be glad you heeded. They Don’t Comply With Safety Regulations Every electrician who knows how to do their job well will ensure that they are protected as much as possible from any potential hazards of their job. Electricity is nothing to mess around with and a lack of safety gear can result in serious injuries or even death. Any company that appears to ignore electrical safety standards, lacks proper insurance and licensing, or has received numerous complaints regarding safety should be steered clear of at all costs. Electricians who don’t take their own safety seriously won’t take yours seriously, either, and their lack of concern points to a lack of understanding and knowledge regarding the job at hand. Customer Service is Missing Customer service is absolutely essential when you’re looking for top-quality electricians. Companies with years of experience will demonstrate a commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and safety. If a company has received complaints about a lack of customer service, you’ll want to look elsewhere for your electrician. When completing any job on your home, it’s important that a technician can explain what they are doing, communicate the time they will arrive, and accurately share their diagnoses and solutions with you. Companies lacking in customer service are not just good electricians with poor people skills. Instead, these companies are often shady and unreputable. Poor customer service frequently points to more significant issues with the company itself. Check reviews and read what former customers have to say about the way they were treated. Anything more than a one-off negative comment should be taken seriously. They Always Reschedule Work A company that constantly reschedules their arrival time or workday with you is a company to stay away from. Rescheduling is a huge red flag and points to a lack of organization, unpreparedness, and terrible customer service. No company worth their salt will reschedule numerous times and leave a customer waiting with an electrical need. Excellent companies will always put the customer first, recognizing that the issue they are experiencing is interrupting their lives and, in some cases, can even pose a health or safety hazard for the family. Qualified companies might need to occasionally reschedule, but the occurrence will be rare and an explanation will be given. Any company that receives multiple negative online reviews about the numerous times they rescheduled on customers is not a company you want to hire to take care of your electrical needs. Exceptional, Customer-Oriented Plumbers Beltz Home Service Co. provides plumbing, electrical, heating, and AC service for the Findlay, OH, area. They are five-star rated, provide upfront pricing, and ensure timely arrival from trusted technicians. Whether you need water heater repair, bathroom remodeling, repiping, or electrical panel upgrades, Beltz Home Service Co. does it all. ++++ Distribution Links +

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