There’s No Better Time for AC Maintenance Spring is the best time to prepare the AC system for the year ahead because it is the start of the warm season. Getting the system maintained at the turn of the weather change can mean the difference between a smooth season and one filled with repairs. There are two other professional AC maintenance services that homeowners should look into as well.  It’s the time of year notorious for deep cleaning, so why not ensure their AC system gets the deep cleaning it deserves as well? Below is more information on the three things homeowners can do this spring to prepare their AC system for the year ahead.  Maintenance and Tune-Up Above all else, regular maintenance and tune-ups are a must for AC systems. The AC unit sits outside in the elements all year long, and it can be difficult to tell what kind of stress the system has to deal with. Homeowners that don’t have their AC unit regularly maintained tend to deal with more breakdowns.  Below are a few of the common benefits of regular AC maintenance:  The system is more efficient The unit lasts longer Fewer breakdowns and repairs Saves on monthly costs Provides consistent cooling in the home Lowers monthly costs  Homeowners with their AC unit maintained in the spring every year tend to experience even more benefits, including a cleaner air supply with fewer allergens in the home. Not only that, but spring maintenance gets the unit ready for the year ahead! Duct Cleaning Is Vital When homeowners have their AC unit regularly maintained, the professionals will look at the ductwork and most likely bring up duct cleaning to the homeowner.  Professional ductwork cleaning provides many benefits, but perhaps the most beneficial is excellent air quality. There are so many different contaminants and debris that get caught in the ductwork system. The longer homeowners live in the home, the longer all of this dirt and dander build-up, leading to the air quality getting progressively worse over time.  Homeowners should clean their air ducts every time they have spring maintenance done. This will ensure the entire system is ready to go and the air quality is the best it can be.  Home Cleaning Maintains Filter Cleanliness  Of course, a clean home plays a huge role in the overall cleanliness and air quality. That’s also where ‘spring cleaning’ gets its name. Many people tend to whole up during the winter months, whether it’s cold or not. The winter months are months filled with holiday and family dinners, so people spend more time at home. That said, people tend to save their deep cleaning until the seasons change.  When homeowners keep their house consistently cleaned, it not only helps the air supply but takes stress off the HVAC system as well. When the home is filled with dirt and dander, that all gets caught in the HVAC system’s air filter. Of course, the homeowner can and should replace the air filter more often if their home is constantly dirty but maintaining a clean home means they won’t have to think about the air filter as much.  It might be everyone’s least favorite activity, but dusting is a great way to maintain filter cleanliness longer! Beltz Home Service Co. Keeps Homeowners Efficient When it’s time for AC maintenance, Findlay, OH homeowners trust Beltz Home Service Co. professionals because they get the job done right the first time. They are a five-star rated HVAC company because they do the hard work that other professionals won’t. They also ensure their customers are always happy with the completed job because they care about their community. Call now for AC maintenance service! +++ Distribution Links +

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