Must-Schedule Plumbing Services for Spring It’s that time of year again. The time for Spring cleaning is here and that extends to your plumbing system. If you get your plumbing maintenance done every year, then this is the best time to book your next maintenance for the year. If you haven’t gotten your plumbing system checked in a while, you are highly encouraged to do so at this time. Everyone is coming into the time of year that is most stressful on plumbing and if your system isn’t cleaned and ready for the coming weather, you may end up in a world of flooding and plumbing repair bills. There are a few different plumbing problems that accompany springtime, and to learn more about these problems continue reading below. Why Are Your Pipes Leaking? One of the most common plumbing issues in the springtime is fixing leaking pipes. This can seemingly come out of nowhere, and there’s a good chance you won’t even know anything is wrong until your house is flooding. You may find yourself wondering why this happens, and how to fix it as quickly as possible. Well, there are a few reasons this could be happening. These reasons include: Natural Wear: If you have old pipes somewhere in your system, it could lead to leaking pipes or even burst pipes if your area receives an influx of rainwater. The pressure of the water is too much for old pipes. Clogs: If your pipes aren’t as clean as possible before Spring hits, it could cause your pipes to get backed up and crack from immense pressure during rainstorms. A Dip in the Piping System: When a pipe in the piping system starts to dip, things no longer flow as they are intended. Trash and debris will get caught in the pipe and weigh it down. Then, when a storm comes through, the rainwater will add more weight and can cause the pipe to crack or break. All of this can be avoided with regular maintenance. It will cost you some money now but will save you in the end. However, once the problem occurs the plumber could potentially fix it remotely with a lining in the problem area of the pipe. Fix Flooding Issues With a Sump Pump The science behind sump pumps is relatively simple, but they are lifesavers for anyone with a basement that won’t stop flooding. Whenever it rains, the sump pump will take all the excess rainwater from above and below ground and pump it away from the house. It will not only save your home from potential flooding damage, but it’ll save the foundation of your home as well. Sump pumps take very little maintenance and turn on and off automatically when you need them most. If your basement is prone to flooding, this is the option for you. Save yourself money in the long run! Rain Causing Clogged Drains The worst part about the Spring season is that it can actually cause the drains and pipes in your plumbing system to become stuck, leaving you in need to clear a clogged drain. Rainwater forces mud, twigs, leaves, and trash to flow into drains and causes a whole mess of issues. If this happens to you, a professional will most likely want to give hydrojetting a try. Hydrojetting basically cleans the pipes out via a blast of water at intensely high pressure. This should evacuate all signs of a possible clog. Beltz Home Service Co. Keeps Your Home Working Properly The professionals at Beltz Home Service Co. have provided red carpet plumbing services in Findlay, OH since 2001. They are there to help you when you need them most. They have highly skilled technicians that can troubleshoot, diagnose, and prevent many of the Spring plumbing issues above. ++++ Distribution Links +

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