Outdoor Plumbing Clogs 101 Outdoor pipes, though located outside, are not immune to the clog and blockage problems that tend to haunt their indoor counterparts, and any issues with the plumbing outdoors also have repercussions on daily home life. This is why it’s important to maintain indoor and outdoor pipes, and if issues occur with the underground plumbing system, homeowners will do well to know what to look out for and how to repair and prevent further damage from taking place. What Are The Signs to Look Out For? While it is more common to encounter clogs in a home’s indoor plumbing, it is not entirely out of the question for the same problem to occur within the outdoor plumbing system. Pipes, no matter where they are located, are prone to accumulating debris that may narrow a part or a portion of it and can then cause the following symptoms: Wet spots – areas in the house that feel wet or seem to be pooling water without a visible source can indicate a clog close to the wet spot. Blocked pipelines may be causing water to find a way out, causing it to leak. Decrease in water pressure – any significant drop in water pressure may mean that something is getting in the way of water flowing properly to the tap. Underground plumbing clogs most likely cause this. Foul smell – foul odors may indicate waste material that has failed to drain properly. This is especially true of bad odors from the kitchen sink, toilet, or bathtub, likely due to underground plumbing blockages. Excessive water bills – inexplicably high water bills, especially if it isn’t accompanied by a significant change in water consumption within the household, can be attributed to water leakage resulting from plumbing clogs. Common Causes of Outdoor Plumbing Clogs Most outdoor plumbing clogs can be attributed to one of two things. They are caused by improper waste disposal or invasive tree root growth in the yard. Knowing these two main causes makes it easy for homeowners to engage in daily habits that help prevent outdoor plumbing clogs. These habits include: Correct disposal of waste material – most plumbing clogs result from waste material flushed or disposed of through the plumbing system. Things like wipes, excessive amounts of toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, cigarette butts, and the like have all found their way inside a home’s plumbing system and have subsequently caused severe clogging. To prevent underground plumbing clogs in the future, homeowners must dispose of these items where they belong – in the trash.  Proper landscape planning – knowing where underground pipes are around the outside of the house helps homeowners plan where to plant trees, shrubs, and other landscaping features that may cause root growth to invade the outdoor pipelines to prevent this kind of blockage from taking place. Use of root barrier devices – another option for preventing invasive root growth is to install root barrier devices, which are membranes that are planted underground to separate the pipe network from underground root systems so that the roots will not infringe on the pipes. Restoration and Prevention While severe clogging is completely preventable, if it does occur, it is good to know that there are plumbing professionals who can be counted on to do the hard work of clearing tough clogs. Using unique tools and specialized techniques, plumbers can remove blockages and restore pipes to their original working condition. This can be done through drain snaking, in which a long device, similar to a snake, is inserted into the drain and turned around to capture solid debris that could be causing the blockage. If this doesn’t work, a more invasive technique called hydro jetting is employed in which a pressurized stream of water is blasted through the pipe, the strength of which is enough to clear it of obstructions. About Beltz Home Service Co.  Beltz Home Service Co. is a trusted plumbing services provider in the homes and communities of Findlay and its surrounding areas. With expert, trustworthy technicians who live by ethical and honest service, it is no wonder they consistently get five-star ratings from their repeat customers. 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