Humidity and the Home: What Homeowners Need To Know  Everyone knows that humidity exists outside, and it usually indicates bad hair days and crazy weather. But most folks are surprised to find out that humidity exists in the home, too. A home’s relative humidity plays an important role in the state of the home’s environment and the comfort of its occupants. Read on to discover the important role of humidity and its essential balance in the home. Why Does Humidity Matter In the Home? The optimal level of humidity in a home is 30-50%. It’s important to maintain a humidity level within that range for both comfort and health of a home’s occupants and belongings. When humidity is too high or too low in a home, problems can arise. Too Much Humidity The home suffers under too much humidity as well. Too much moisture in the air leads to swelling furniture, warping floors, sagging wallpaper, and molding carpet.  Not Enough Humidity When the home has too little humidity, the floors are likely to crack and warp. Likewise, wooden fixtures may bend or shrink and will produce creaking and groaning noises. Understanding Humidifiers In the Home A home humidifier increases the relative humidity in a home. Homes with relative humidity less than 30-40% benefit from the use of a home humidifier. In many cases, homeowners can have a whole-house humidifier attached to their home’s furnace. The benefit of whole-house humidifiers is that they don’t require juggling or refilling tanks like room-based units.  Is a Humidifier Needed? If a home’s occupants experience frequent nosebleeds, dry skin, chronic coughs, or allergies, a humidifier can help. Or, if wood floors have started separating or creaking more, a humidifier may help prevent additional damage. Understanding Dehumidifiers In the Home Dehumidifiers reduce the presence of moisture in a home’s air. Homes with relative humidity higher than 50% benefit from a dehumidifying system. A reputable HVAC company can usually attach a dehumidifier to the HVAC system of a home. A whole-house dehumidifier keeps humidity levels the same throughout the whole house. And, whole-house systems require less maintenance than having a dehumidifier in every room.  Is a Dehumidifier Needed? If a household has difficulty breathing, a dehumidifier can usually help produce better quality air. Another surprising sign of excess humidity includes difficulty sleeping – a dehumidifier can create a more comfortable sleeping environment and help the home get better quality rest. Additionally, if mold is a chronic issue in the home, there’s likely too much moisture in the air feeding the spores. If humidity concerns come up, it’s best to reach out to a reputable HVAC company for help. Experts will test the home’s relative humidity and help homeowners decide the best course of action for their specific situation. Trust Beltz Home Service Co. The family-owned and operated team at Beltz Home Services Co. is proud to provide top-notch electric and HVAC care for their neighbors. Since 2001, their friendly experts have solved every busted A/C and broken heater that has come their way. So give the pros at Beltz Home Service Co. a call today to schedule dehumidifier service in Findlay, OH.  +++ Distribution Links +

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