How to Tell When the Breaker Box Needs Attention In every home, the electrical system is generally reliable. This is due to decades of development and research that have brought forth safe and durable technology and building codes that enforce the highest industry standards. However, the peace of mind that most people have about the electrical system in their home can lull them into a false sense of security.  Every year, damage resulting from electrical problems happens to hundreds of families. In many cases, electrical problems cause fires that lead to property damage. But, even in minor cases, electrical problems can result in the loss of service until expensive repairs are made.  It helps to pay attention to the electrical infrastructure inside the home to stave off electrical problems. One of the most important electrical components is the breaker panel; when it becomes a hazard, it gives some cues. Here are the top three signs that an electrical panel needs repairs or replacement.  Lighting Issues  After decades of service, electrical panels can start to develop problems. With years of heating and cooling cycles, the internal structure of breaker panels can become stressed to the point that it causes problems in the electricity supply. Nowhere is this more evident than in lighting problems in the home.  When electrical panels are nearing the end of their useful life, connections can be poor or subject to corrosion. This impedes the flow of electricity and can cause lights to flicker or dim for periods. When this is a problem, homeowners should note which room suffers from dimming lights. If changing light bulbs doesn’t fix the problem, electricians should be called for electrical panel repairs.  Burning Smells Near the Breaker Box  Electricity produces heat as it travels through wiring and other electrical components. Whenever the path of electricity is blocked, more heat is created. Eventually, electricity can heat wiring and insulation enough that it causes an arc or small fire. As electrical components age, this becomes more likely.  Electrical fires have a distinct metallic odor. Any time a homeowner recognizes this smell, they should call an electrician. In the case of a bad breaker panel, the smell would be centralized near the area. An electrician can open the panel and look for signs of fire and make repairs before something serious happens.  Old Age  Breaker panels are sturdy, reliable components. With modern breaker boxes, manufacturers estimate that they have a life expectancy of 25 to 40 years. Beyond this time, they will likely suffer catastrophic failure increases.  For breaker boxes manufactured and installed before this time frame, it is best to upgrade the breaker panel. Developments in electrical technology in the last few decades have greatly reduced the incidence of accidents in the home. Older models of electrical panels don’t have the same level of safety, so it is a smart choice to schedule breaker panel replacement soon.  About Beltz Home Service Co. Beltz Home Service Co. has kept homes safe for over 20 years. Their customers enjoy their upfront pricing and award-winning service. Call today for breaker panel repairs in Findlay, OH.  +++ Distribution Links +

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