Common Plumbing Maintenance Mistakes to Look Out For Leaky faucets, a toilet that doesn’t stop running, or even a dripping pipe under the sink, are just a few of the common plumbing issues that a homeowner thinks they can generally manage without a professional plumber. However, attempting these basic remedies may result in a costly error and expensive plumbing repair.  Toxic Effects of Liquid Drain Cleaners Everyone’s had a blocked toilet, kitchen sink, or bathtub. Nothing is more aggravating than a clogged drain. A homeowner’s initial inclination is to pour a liquid drain cleaner down the drain. Is that, however, the wisest course of action? The clear answer is no!  Liquid drain cleaners are corrosive, toxic chemicals that are extremely hazardous to use. They may wreak havoc on pipelines and pose a health risk. Liquid drain cleaners are made of various extremely poisonous compounds that are dangerous to homeowners and their pipes. Some of the most commonly used liquid drain cleaners may contain toxic chemicals, such as: Aluminum Sodium Chloride (salt) Sodium Hydroxide (lye) Sodium Nitrate Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach) PVC pipes are extremely sensitive to the effects of corrosive substances. When a line begins to erode, the likelihood of a disastrous event like a pipe bursting increases. It may wind up costing more in plumbing repair if it damages the pipes. It is better to invest money in a professional plumber than a temporary solution.  Why Homeowners Shouldn’t Ignore Water Heater Maintenance Hot water is a vital component of every home, but homeowners generally don’t think about their water heater until it breaks down. While a water heater has an average life span of eight to twelve years, frequent water heater maintenance is essential to extend its life. Increased Efficiency: Sediment accumulates in water heaters, reducing the system’s efficiency. Sediment is caused by loose minerals that collect on the tank’s bottom. Annual water heater maintenance will ensure all sediment is flushed out and the heater is operating as effectively as possible. Avoiding Costly Breakdowns: On average, households hire a plumber once every three years. Professional plumbers can detect water leaks, corrosion, and other issues that might lead to a plumbing repair by performing an annual water heater maintenance check.  Keeping Emergency Plumbing Repair at Bay: Water heater maintenance can save homeowners from problems like no hot water or a flood caused by a malfunctioning water heater.  Why Hire a Professional Plumber for Repairs and Installations? How much preparation and labor goes into being a professional plumber? Most take plumbing system for granted. Modern plumbing systems require a lot of upkeep, however. This is when professional plumbers come into play and are essential to a homeowner’s well-being.  Plumbers have the right tools and devices: Plumbers must have the right tools and devices while doing various plumbing repairs. Such tools are available to professional plumbers who can use them on-site when they get a call for plumbing installations and repair.  Professional plumbers provide a wide range of services: When homeowners call a professional plumber, they will access a wide range of services. Professional plumbers offer installation, maintenance, and plumbing parts and systems servicing. Homeowners may also use such plumbers for repair work. Each job will be performed with care and consideration. About Beltz Home Service Co. Beltz Home Service Co. was founded in 2001, and they have over 18 years of experience in Findlay, OH. As a veteran-owned, family-run business, they are committed to offering high-quality craftsmanship and service. If homeowners have an emergency, their fleet of service vans is ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call now for plumbing services! +++ Distribution Links +

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