How to Beat the Summer Heat The answer to beating the heat over the summer is easy: stay inside where there is ample air conditioning. Running the air conditioner all summer long has some huge financial drawbacks. Running the AC is one of the most expensive a homeowner does regarding energy bills.  Luckily, one can use straightforward strategies to reduce energy bills without sacrificing comfort as heat and humidity become oppressive. This article is a quick guide to remind homeowners of three simple things that one can do to stay calm and keep money in the bank.  Professional AC Maintenance Air conditioners have pretty much been standard equipment in every structure that has been built in the last few decades. In addition to being necessary, they are also likely the most expensive piece of equipment in the home.  Since AC replacement can be such an expensive ordeal, doesn’t it make sense to help it stay in operation for as long as possible? Air conditioner maintenance is a service that is aimed at doing precisely that. During professional AC maintenance, an HVAC technician will:  Air filter replacement Top off refrigerant levels Check for refrigerant leaks Clean evaporator and condenser coils Mechanical checks and lubrication Electrical checks In addition to staving off an expensive air conditioner replacement service, AC maintenance is aimed at lowering monthly bills. The same professional maintenance that increases longevity also increases efficiency, which reduces energy costs during the summer.  Invest in High-Quality Equipment  Because of the cost of new AC replacement, most homeowners will only have to go through the process once or twice. They should choose to install high-quality equipment from reputable manufacturers when they have a chance. Air conditioner contractors can help find a suitable machine for every home.  In general, homeowners will need to install a new AC because the old AC is broken down or costs too much to run through poor efficiency and numerous repairs. Typically the best sign that an AC is at the end of its useful life is its age. After around 20 years in service, the air conditioner is a lost cause, and homeowners should start shopping around for new equipment. Once a new air conditioner is installed, homeowners can expect: Better comfort Lower energy bills Fewer repairs Repairs covered under warranties Circulate Cool Air with Fans Many homeowners will take the news that they need to replace the air conditioner as bad. Now for some good news! Homeowners can keep the home excellent for cheaper and reduce the mileage they put on their air conditioner with a straightforward practice. Ceiling fans are the unsung heroes of keeping the house cooler.  Using fans in the summer simulates the body’s natural cooling processes by speeding up the evaporation of sweat on the skin. This gives the feeling of being cooler without running the energy-sucking air conditioner. Make sure fans are set to summer settings by making sure they are rotating counterclockwise to create a downdraft.  About Beltz Home Service Co. Need an AC contractor to walk through AC replacement in the home? Beltz Home Service Co. has over 20 years of experience providing award-winning service. Call today for AC service in Findlay, OH.  +++ Distribution Links +

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