How Women Helped Shape the Plumbing Industry

Thinking of the history of plumbing, most people tend to only think of men that have influenced the industry. Indoor plumbing found itself in every home across America during a time when women didn’t work much. They didn’t have many rights at all, so to hear that women influenced the plumbing industry can come as a real shock to some people. It’s true, though.  Here, homeowners can learn just how resourceful women are!

They didn’t sit back while the men figured out the plumbing. They got in there and learned the industry backward and forward. In fact, without these women, plumbing wouldn’t be what it is today. Continue reading to learn about these influential women in plumbing history!

First: Lillian Ann Baumbach  

Known as “The Pretty Plumber,” Lillian Ann Baumbach grew up in the plumbing industry because her father owned his own plumbing business. She was in the shop most of her life, and by the time she was a teenager, she had started her journeymanship and eventually passed the test to become the world’s first woman master plumber.  Making plumbing history wasn’t her only great feat, though. She also appeared in shows like “What My Line?” and an interview with Walter Cronkite, which is known for being one of her favorite career moments.  Some know her as the pin-up girl pen pal for the military and the fact that she sent roughly 250 letters during the war. However, plumbing was always her first love, and she ended up taking over the family business later in life.

The National Association of Plumbers: Ladies Auxiliary Committee

The funny thing about the Ladies Auxiliary Committee is it began as a social club to entertain the wives of plumbers while their husbands were working all day. It is funny now because the committee turned into something much greater than that.  The women got together and learned all things plumbing. It didn’t take long for these powerful women to do things like:  Run the books Made the schedule, Ran the day-to-day side of their husbands’ companies, Lobbied for environmental changes and sanitation changes in places like Texaco.

What started as a social club quickly became an honorable prerequisite for entering the plumbing industry as a woman. It is still a respected committee in plumbing history.

Today: Women in Plumbing

Women have progressed lightyears when it comes to holding positions in power and running their own businesses. The plumbing industry is still heavily male-dominant, but more and more women not only work the books of a plumbing business, but they are out there doing the dirty work too.  Women prove time and time again that they are just as capable of working in plumbing as anyone else. Not only that, but more and more woman-owned plumbing businesses continue to pop up around the world.

Women have always worked in plumbing, and they always will.

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