Indoor Lighting Solutions in Findlay

Enhance your home's interior with beautiful lighting including LED and chandelier options from Beltz Home Service Co.

Indoor lighting has a dramatic impact on how your home looks and feels, especially as the sun dips down below the horizon and it becomes nighttime. Bright lights, beautiful chandeliers, and highly-controllable lights give you the ability to enhance your home in different ways and to help it stand out nicely. At Beltz Home Service Co. we're committed to helping make your home look its best while offering a range of indoor lighting solutions. Whether you want track lighting installation, chandelier repair, a dimmer light switch, a full LED retrofit or other unique lighting upgrades in your Findlay home, you can count on our electricians to make your dream home a reality.

Now that you’ve taken care of the inside, why not upgrade outdoors as well? Be sure to ask our technicians how outdoor lighting upgrades can boost the curb appeal of your home.

The Benefits of an LED Retrofit

Many homeowners realize that upgrading to LED lights is a great way to save on energy costs, but they fail to realize all the other ways that LED light replacement can benefit them as well. An LED retrofit is the best way to up the look and comfort in your home while enjoying tons of benefits, including:

  • Lower Power Use: When compared to traditional lighting fixtures, LED lights use less electrical power to light your home. This makes them an ideal choice for larger homes - helping you cut down the strain on your electrical panel.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: LED lighting uses less energy without skimping on brightness, this helps you light more of your home without adding to your energy costs.
  • Long-Lasting: While they may be on the more expensive side, it’s for good reason. LED lighting has a tendency to last much longer, cutting down on your need for the monthly replacement of bulbs.
  • Cooler Lighting Solutions: If you don’t like the look of harsh overhead lighting, you’ll enjoy the cool feel of LED lighting.
  • Compact Design: These lights are compact and easy to install, making them a great option for recessed lighting and accent designs throughout your home.
  • More Color Tones: Although you may not have multiple colors in your home, LED lights do give you the options to customize as you want with multicolor bulbs and control options.

If you decide to pay for low voltage lighting installation, you'll enjoy more affordable utility bills and will worry less about lights being left on as well. Getting these lights in your home also means that you'll change out bulbs less frequently.

At Beltz Home Service Co., we can help you upgrade all your lighting to LED so you can enjoy the same brightness with a lot more control and benefits in your home. Be sure to ask our technicians how your next project can be a great boost to your home.

When Should You Consider Replacing Ceiling Fans?

Along with changing out the actual lights in your home to make them more efficient, you can make your light fixtures more functional as well. If you have an old ceiling fan in your home, you can change it to recessed track lighting, or you can invest in a more modern ceiling fan. Consider an upgrade if:

  • Your fan does not always work properly
  • It has an outdated style
  • Lighting always flickers when it works
  • It’s noisy or squeaky
  • It produces excess dust in your home

We offer ceiling fan installation and will swap in a new fan to give you modern features. You can easily upgrade bedrooms, dining rooms, and other spaces in your home with a top-quality ceiling fan. Additionally, during our replacement process, we always inspect your wiring and lighting to ensure that everything is safe and up to code.

What is Recessed Lighting?

If you’ve been to any modern home or building, chances are you’ve seen recessed lighting. Instead of a large unsightly fixture, recessed lighting is built into your wall, offering a clean look with a modern design. One of the most dramatic improvements that homeowners are making to their home's indoor lighting is to invest in recessed lights.

In addition to using them for general lighting throughout your home, you can also leverage them as spotlights too. Have an art piece you’d like to showcase in your home? Want to draw attention to your family portrait? You can easily do this in a sleek way with a recessed lighting installation. We offer a range of recessed light installation options at Beltz Home Service Co. and can help you upgrade a few light fixtures around your home or enhance your entire living space with lights that stand out.

Looking to Install a Chandelier?

One of the most elegant upgrades you can make to your home is to install a beautiful chandelier. We offer chandelier installation services to help you get your ideal fixture up on the ceiling for everyone to see. A nice chandelier will add sparkle to your dining room, your sitting room, or any space that you care deeply about.

Unlike other lighting fixtures in your home, however, it’s important to get professional installation services. Not only do chandeliers weigh, but also the wiring can be more complex, and in many instances, you’re making these connections while on a ladder. At Beltz Home Service Co. we have the best chandelier installation contractors and can help get your new lighting up and installed correctly.

We always check all connections and wiring to ensure that your new fixture will work at its best. Additionally, if you already have a chandelier in your home that simply isn’t lighting as it used to, we can inspect it and make any repairs as necessary, or get it replaced with a more modern fixture.

Chandeliers are a nice decorative touch that you'll be happy to have, and it's something that can be done in most homes as well, so no need to worry that your ceilings are too low - at Beltz Home Service Co. we have options for every Findlay homeowner.

The Benefits of Dimmer Switches

One issue that many customers face when doing something like an LED retrofit is that their lights are simply too bright and uncomfortable. Whether you want new kitchen lighting or you want to brighten up another section of your home, it's nice being able to adjust the intensity of the light you have installed to make your space more comfortable to be in.

That's where a dimmer light switch comes into play. We offer dimmer lighting that you can tie into your existing light fixtures. A dimmer switch lets you turn down the power to a fixture so that the light isn't as bright any longer.

Use a dimmer and a modern light to help change the light conditions of your space in any way that you like. Turn light down at night to create a relaxing environment, and turn that light back up when it's daytime and you want to be more awake.

Make sure that your home is prepared to handle all your new lighting options. Ask our electricians whether an electrical panel upgrade is right for your home.

The Perfect Lighting for Your Needs

Whether you want to completely retrofit your home with new LED lights or you just want to swap out a ceiling fan in your bedroom, it's helpful to have a lighting company that you can trust to call on. At Beltz Home Service Co. we have experience installing countless lights in homes all over the Findlay area and surrounding locations.

Our electricians are experienced, help you to understand your different options, and work with you to make sure you're happy with the finished results. If you need lighting services that you'll love and that you'll be able to depend on, working with Beltz Home Service Co. is the way to go.

Looking for the perfect lighting options for your Findlay home? Call Beltz Home Service Co. at (419) 421-0072 and learn about the different lighting solutions available to you and your family.