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Transform the outdoor areas of your home with professional lighting solutions from Beltz Home Service Co. your Findlay lighting pros.

Have you ever come home at night only to stumble around and trip over something in your front yard? This is a pretty common issue, but something that can easily be remedied with quality outdoor lighting. Motion activated lights will help you see all throughout your home's landscape, and many of them are affordable and simple to have installed as well. At Beltz Home Service Co., we specialize in outdoor lighting solutions, including landscape lighting, motion sensor lights, and more! Not only can our team help recommend the best lights for you to use on your own property, but we can also help get you through the full installation so that you have lights that behave just as you want them to on your property.

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The Benefits of Motion Activated Outdoor Lighting

There are plenty of good reasons to consider adding outdoor lighting to your home, and even just a few of the benefits you can expect are likely enough to make you consider the upgrade for your property.

  • No switches to worry about
  • More efficient than having lights on all the time
  • Can be a deterrent for thieves
  • Adds convenience when walking around your home at night

By working with outdoor lighting companies to have motion activated lights installed on your property, you'll improve your vision at night, you'll reduce the amount of time your lights are on, and you'll help keep thieves from wanting to go to your home.

At Beltz Home Service Co. we use the latest lighting solutions to find you the ideal setup. Our lighting options are energy efficient, long lasting, and can easily be integrated into your existing electrical systems.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Lighting

There are plenty of outdoor lighting options to choose from for your home. While security lighting is always the first priority, other lighting options can be used for aesthetic reasons. A good example of this is landscape lighting. You spend enough ensuring that the curb appeal of your home is great, so why not accentuate that at night as well? Whether it’s a spotlight on your favorite tree or some lighting for paths and walkways, landscape lighting is a great way to up the beauty of your home.

Additionally, if you have an outdoor sitting area like a deck or patio, overhead lighting can help set the tone for your areas. While you can always buy string lighting, by purchasing professional-grade lighting, you have a solution that’s durable and integrated into your electrical system.

Finally, as far as outdoor lighting goes, you may consider options for your pool or hot tub. We can install these lighting options to the highest standard possible, ensuring that your home is protected and there’s never an electrical short.

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After working with our team you'll know how you can brighten up your yard and the outside of your home reliably. We even offer emergency repair services for electrical and other parts of your home if you run into issues that need to be resolved quickly.

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