Breaker Panel Repair & Replacement

Is your home suffering from random power outages or flickering lights? It may be time for a breaker panel repair and replacement and Beltz Home Service Co. is here to help!

The electrical panel of your home is considered the control center behind every single electric exchange in the house. If you’re experiencing any malfunctions with your breaker panel, it’s important to take it seriously and consult with a trained electrician to take a look at what might be causing problems. Our team of expert technicians is here to alleviate the stress of having to guess what’s wrong and find personalized solutions to all of your breaker panel issues. We have highly trained and experienced electricians that can help you upgrade your electrical panel and keep your home protected.

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What Is the Breaker Panel?

The breaker panel of your home is what distributes power to every part of your house. The board hosts a set of circuits that transfer power to all the rooms in your home powering things like lights, outlets, and more. Because of this system, you are able to cut power in one part of the house without interrupting the power in other sections of your home.

They come equipped with a main power switch which is capable of terminating power in the entire house if ever needed. Additionally, they have individual circuit breakers and fuses that can trip if ever there’s an excess of electricity in your home. An electrical fuse is essential for protecting your electrical system during surges and power fluctuations. Like anything in your home, however, breakers and fuses need to be repaired or replaced over time.

As a homeowner, it’s wise to know where the breaker panel in your house is located in the case of an emergency or the sudden need to cut off or restore power.

Common Issues Experienced by Breaker Panels

Since your breaker panel is essentially the nervous system of your home, it’s important to keep up with the maintenance and ensure that everything is working properly. Problems left untreated can be extremely dangerous and expensive to fix after the damage has been done. Knowing what to look for or what to be alarmed by can essentially be a lifesaver as well as a huge money saver too.

Some telltale signs it’s time for an electrical panel repair or replacement include but are not limited to:

  • Strange Noises - If your breaker panel is emitting strange noises such as a hissing or roaring, it could be an indicator that there is an arc fault in your wires. Arc faults are the primary cause for many electrical house fires and should be taken care of right away. If you hear any odd noises, call a technician right away!
  • Burning Smells - The last smell that should be coming from your electrical panel is the smell of something burning. If you do smell burning odors, call a technician for urgent repair. Beltz Home Service Co. offers 24 emergency service to our clients so you will never be alone in the midst of an emergency.
  • Melted Wires - If your wires have any signs of damage such as melted wires or anything that looks overheated, contact us immediately as this can be a sign of an overloaded circuit. Another symptom of an overloaded circuit is a breaker that feels hot. To prevent an electrical fire, give us a call right away to schedule a breaker panel inspection.

If you are experiencing any of the above-stated occurrences, don’t hesitate to give your reliable technicians at Beltz Home Service Co. a call today!

We also offer 24-hour emergency services, helping you when you’re dealing with your most severe electrical issues.

Why Choose Us?

Beltz Home Service Co. has been providing the highest standard of home service to the greater Findlay area since 2001. We offer upfront pricing and quality interactions with our clients in order to create personalized solutions that will take care of all of your breaker panel needs. Whether you need a repair or a brand new system, we got you covered! Beltz Home Service Co. works only with the best brands on the market.

An electrical panel upgrade is the best way to add value to your home and also to take care of your many electrical systems. As electronics and appliances get more and more complex, your system may not be able to keep up with the demands. By upgrading your electrical panel, you can ensure that your home is prepared to handle anything you throw at it.

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