Findlay Electrical Safety Inspection

Detailed electrical safety inspections in Findlay.

When you need a whole home electrical safety inspection, trust Beltz Home Service Co. to perform it! We have a reputation for being upfront and efficient. That's why you can trust that our inspection will be thorough and professional!

We know that having a stranger poking around your home can be a bit unnerving. Our friendly and knowledgeable electricians are always respectful of you and your home.

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Why Are Electrical Safety Inspections Important?

Electrical inspections help to make sure that your home's electrical wiring is code-compliant. Making sure that you meet all the city's requirements can save you money by helping you avoid having to pay a hefty fine.

Here are a few other reasons electrical inspections are important:

  • They ensure that all the electrical components in your home are operating safely
  • They can expose fire hazards like oversized fuses
  • They can let your electrician identify and correct mistakes made by previous owners
  • They can reveal outdated wiring like aluminum knobs and tubes
  • They can expose aging electrical components that can be a safety hazard
  • They can help you make your home more energy efficient
  • They help you meet insurance risk assessment requirements.
  • They can assure you that a new home is electrically safe before you buy it

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When Should You Have Your Electrical Wiring Inspected?

Electrical safety inspections are not the kind of service you need every year. Electrical inspections are required by law if you're selling your house, or when you buy a new house.

Electrical safety inspections may also be required by your insurance company. They may request an inspection if you are buying a new policy, or if you are having a major renovation done. Renovations that require inspection may include adding an extension onto your house or installing a pool or hot tub.

You may also want to schedule a whole home electrical safety inspection if your home is more than 50 years old.

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