Whole House Surge Protector Installation in Findlay

Protect your home from power surges that can damage your electronics with a whole house surge protector, installed by Beltz Home Service Co.

Your house doesn’t need to be hit by lightning to strike a power surge. In fact, up to 80% of all power surges are caused by something inside the home rather than outside sources. Power surges can be a costly inconvenience, especially when it happens to expensive electronics such as refrigerators or computer systems. In order to protect your home (and your wallet) from these untimely occurrences, you can opt for a whole house surge protection installation today! At Beltz Home Service Co. we are your reliable Findlay electricians. We understand the importance of a well protected electrical system and can go above and beyond to help keep your home protected at all times.

Already dealing with damaged outlets from an electrical surge? Be sure to ask our electricians about our switch and outlet repair services.

How Can an Electrical Surge Affect Your Home?

While most homeowners have experienced a power outage from time to time, and have a surge protector on major appliances like your TV, that still leaves most of your home unprotected. A strong enough electrical surge can:

  • Damage appliances like washers and ovens
  • Open your home to the risk of electrical fires
  • Destroy older wiring and connections
  • Blow out fuses
  • Cut power to outlets and switches

If your home and electrical systems are on the older side, you’re particularly susceptible to severe damage caused by power surges. While it can be something as simple as a damaged toaster, in some instances it can blow your entire fuse panel.

The Benefits Of a Whole Home Surge Protector

It can be a real crisis when a heavily relied upon appliance stops working. Whether it be an AC unit in the midst of summer or a computer holding loads of important information, it can be a huge inconvenience that can lead to serious expenses for you and your family. A whole house surge protector eliminates the risk that comes along with lightning strikes or power outages.

Power strips only offer a limited level of protection to the devices that are plugged into it while every other device is left unprotected. A whole home surge protector is installed directly onto the electrical panel or the outside meter. Anytime a large spike in power is detected, they help ground the excess power, protecting your home in the process.

Has an electrical surge already damaged wires in your home? Be sure to work with our electricians for wiring repair and replacement services.

Why Hire a Professional?

When you want to be proactive about protecting your home from any unforeseen emergencies, trust Beltz Home Service Co. Our trusted technicians will be able to assist you in deciding exactly how much protection your home needs and what whole home surge protector is right for your system. We provide personal service and never have our customers leaving messages to get a callback.

With a little help from our experienced electricians, you can have your home protected and also get some help with your existing electrical issues. At Beltz Home Service Co. providing the highest standard in home services is our mission.

Want to protect your home from the dangers of electrical surges? Just give us a call at (419) 421-0072 and set enjoy an expertly installed whole home surge protector today!