Geothermal Heating System Installation in Findlay

Transform your home's heating system with a geothermal system installation from Beltz Home Service Co.

With so many different heating systems available to homeowners today it can be tough deciding on the best option for you. Forced air is affordable, radiant heat is efficient and comfortable, but geothermal heating might be the best option for homeowners that are interested in optimal heating efficiency that’s also environmentally friendly. It's an option that many residents in Findlay don't consider, but a geothermal heating system can save you money over time while improving your home's comfort levels as well. Here at Beltz Home Service Co., we have geothermal specialists that have been installing these systems on homes in the area for over 18 years. We can design a system specifically for your home and have it installed in no time, letting you enjoy a more comfortable home through every season.

Sticking with your traditional furnace heating system? Be sure to schedule a furnace tune-up before the winter season to keep your home comfortable and your temperatures reliable.

How Do Geothermal Heating Systems Work?

Geothermal heating systems are impressive and manage to bring heat and cooling power to homes around the area more efficiently than most other systems. They make use of a buried loop in your yard, a set of heat pumps, and some sort of circulation system to provide you with comfortable temperatures in every season.

Geothermal heating systems use tubes that are installed deep underground and leverage the temperatures to heat or cool your home. Then your heat pump draws that energy to effectively heat or cool the air entering your home. The earth remains a pretty constant temperature throughout the year, and that temperature can be used to help your pump run as efficiently as possible.

This gives you both the option to heat or cool your home depending on your home needs. At Beltz Home Service Co., we work with you through the entire installation process. From choosing the right underground design to the unit that’s in your home, we complete work to the highest standard so you’re always comfortable.

Consider the Benefits of Geothermal

If you do decide that you're interested in geothermal heating systems or that you would like to learn more about them, take some time to read through our most common customer benefits. Many of our happy customers report back benefits such as the ones listed below that make a good case for upgrading to a geothermal system.

  • More efficient than most other heating systems
  • Little maintenance
  • Quieter heat source
  • Long lifespan (25 - 50 years)
  • Consistent temperatures

Even though geothermal heating is more expensive, having one of these systems installed in your home can make your heating more efficient, reduce your annual maintenance requirements, and extend the operating lifespan of your heat system dramatically. They're an excellent investment that can add value and comfort to your home.

Looking for other alternative heating sources for your home? Be sure to ask our staff about heat pump installations on your next appointment.

Work With Trained Geothermal Experts

If you've decided you want geothermal heating in your home, it's up to you to find experts that you can trust to do the installation for you. At Beltz Home Service Co. we have years of experience and are committed to providing high-quality installations every single time we work with one of our customers. You'll enjoy reliable equipment, good service plans, and effective repair service if you run into any issues with your system over time. That's the benefit of working with a good reliable company for something like a geothermal heating system.

Maximize your home's heat system with geothermal heating from Beltz Home Service Co. Call us at (419) 421-0072 to learn more about your options today.