Radiant Heating Services in Findlay

Looking for alternative heating systems for your Findlay home? Beltz Home Service Co. is your reliable radiant heating installation company.

Radiant heating is an impressive technology that can help heat your home more efficiently and more evenly compared to standard heating systems like furnaces or heaters. At Beltz home Service Co. we specialize in radiant heating system installation and repairs so that you can warm your home more evenly all throughout the Findlay area. We use only the best materials and work to accommodate your home needs and your budget. With a reliable heating solution in place, you’ll be able to stay warm and safe during the winter season.

Need help with your existing heating system? Be sure to ask about our furnace tune-ups and repair solutions today!

Why Opt For a Radiant Heating System?

If you aren't sure about radiant heating just yet, it's a good idea to take some time to get to know all the benefits that these systems can offer you. Below are the biggest benefits that you'll enjoy after having one of these systems installed in your home.

  • Lower utility bills
  • Has no ductwork to worry about
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • More uniform heat distribution
  • Quieter operation

At Beltz Home Service Co. we offer expert installation services and can even help repair your existing radiant heating system. For homeowners that use water as their heating source, it’s important to be on the lookout for water leaks as this can one of the main repair concerns. Additionally, anytime you notice operation outside of the norm, like fluctuating temperatures, it’s good to call for an inspection.

The Radiant Heating Installation Process

Unlike forced air systems like furnaces and heaters, radiant heating heats from the ground up. Using either electrical coils or water tubes, heat is distributed under your floor. The heat then radiates up and out into your home, providing you with even and comfortable warmth that doesn’t directly impact the air quality in your home.

Although these systems require a bit more legwork to install, they can provide you with more consistent temperatures with a smaller impact on your comfort and health. This makes them an ideal option for those who suffer from allergies or are looking to heat a smaller area. Additionally, because radiant heating does not require ductwork it can sometimes be easier to install in homes with low ceilings or limited space.

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Schedule An In-Home Evaluation Today!

If you decide that you want to go through radiant heating system installation it's vital that you work with good quality installers. Adding radiant heating throughout your home doesn't come without risks. If you go with a hydronic system there's always a risk of a water leak, and if you go with an electric wire heating system there is a risk of fire.

Make sure that the proper safety measures are taken and that you get a safe system you can depend on by working with Beltz Home Service Co. We will take the time to make sure everything is done according to code requirements and that your home's heating system is reliable.

Looking for a change in the way you heat your home? Enjoy comfortable warmth from the floor with radiant heating. Call us at (419) 421-0072 and learn more about your options.