Radiant Heating Services in Findlay

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Radiant heating is an impressive technology that can help heat your home more efficiently and more evenly compared to standard heating systems like furnaces or heaters. But when you need electric underfloor heating repairs, it can be a challenge to find a company that will get the work done properly.

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Radiant Heating Maintenance

When our technicians carry out a routine radiant heating maintenance service, we start with a thorough inspection of the system to check its overall condition.

A radiant heating system is a closed system, so it should maintain consistent pressure. If the system’s pressure is low, it may be because of a leak, which we repair during the service.

After checking the pressure, we inspect the condition of the pumps and valves in the system and replace or repair them if necessary.

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Common Radiant Heating Issues That Require Professional Attention

Radiant heating systems don't come without problems. If you have a hydronic heating system there is a risk of water leaks. If you have electric underfloor heating, there is a risk of fire. This is why making sure that repairs are done properly is even more important!

When you call Beltz Home Service Co. for in floor heating repairs, our highly trained professionals make sure the work is carried out according to code requirements.

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