Whole House Generator Services in Findlay

Get reliable power when you need it by installing a whole home generator with our electrical experts at Beltz Home Service Co.

All families today rely on electricity extensively - from your air conditioner to your television, you need a reliable electrical grid for just about every activity in your home. That's why it's such a huge issue when the power goes out and why people are left feeling helpless when it does. At Beltz Home Service Co. we’re homeowners too, which is why we understand how challenging these issues can be, and we dedicate our time and services to help empower people to have access to reliable power even when the electricity goes down. We offer whole home generator solutions that will keep the power running at all times. We repair, service, and install backup generators and help people throughout the Findlay area prepare for emergencies.

Worried that a strong storm will damage your appliances? Ask our electricians about our whole house surge protector installations on your next service call.

The Benefits of Whole House Generator Installations

Having access to power during an emergency situation can dramatically improve the situation and also keep people safe. Our generator installation services make sure you have enough power to keep the lights on when the power goes out. Our experts will help explain to you how much power you need from a generator, and also help you decide which sections of your home should be powered by the backup generator.

Most homeowners won't want to power everything with a generator, but we have different sizes of home standby generators to help get you the power that you need most in these situations. Whether you need to keep your food cold and preserved, you need to run oxygen tanks and other life-saving equipment, or you just want to be able to watch television during an outage, we can help you.

Our whole home generator installations ensure you always have power where you need it most while also keeping your power grid safe. We install these systems directly into your home’s electrical system so when there’s a power outage, your home immediately switches over to the generator. This not only cuts down on the hassle of having to turn on a backup generator but also it can keep your family safe from having to go outdoors in the midst of a storm.

Proper Generator Repair and Care

If you decide that having power during an emergency is important to you, consider using our backup generator installation services. We can have a whole home generator installed anywhere that you want in your home and enjoy reliable energy whenever you need it most. Our generators are built to last and installed for reliable performance.

We have a team of generator specialists that don't just put these systems in, they can also service and repair them over time so you know that you have access to the help you need. Like any appliance in your home, generators deteriorate with age. This is why you should always have them inspected annually. You don’t want to wait for the big storm to realize that your generator is not working as it should.

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We even offer 24/7 emergency repair services so that your equipment can be fixed if you run into an issue.

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