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You don’t have to suffer with a malfunctioning furnace or AC! Call Beltz Home Service Co. for AC repair or furnace repair and our technicians will be there quickly to get you back the comfort you deserve.

Here in Ottawa, OH, the temperatures in winter and summer can go to the extremes, which is why you need a dependable AC and furnace. If your system isn’t up to the job, a quick phone call to us will ensure your system is repaired quickly, and since we guarantee our work, you don’t have to worry if the job will be done right.

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Why Maintain Your Furnace and AC

Most people wait until their furnace or AC breaks down before they call a contractor, but the truth is you can avoid having to scramble for a repair if you keep your system maintained. Experts agree that performing regular maintenance once or twice a year on your AC and heater, you can ensure the system runs as it should when you need it and will last as long as possible. Call us today and ask about our furnace maintenance and tune up and AC maintenance services.

How to Know You Need Air Conditioning Replacement

There comes a time for every homeowner when they have to consider getting their AC replaced. Although it can be a hassle, getting a new system is often better for your wallet than making repair after repair. Here’s how to know when your AC needs replaced.

  • Age: Air conditioners over 15 years old are past their prime and you’ll benefit financially from getting a new, more efficient unit.
  • Frequency of Repairs: If you’re throwing more and more money at your aging air conditioner, you’re better off putting that money towards a new, more reliable system.
  • High Energy Bills: As your air conditioner ages, it becomes less efficient at cooling your home, which costs you more and more to operate.
  • Cost of Repair: If you’re looking at a repair that’s 50% or more than the cost of a replacement, getting a new system makes better economic sense.

We don’t like to toot our own horn so we let our customers do it for us. Check out our customer reviews and see if we’re the right AC repair company for you.

Signs Your Furnace Is Giving Out

Your furnace is like any other appliance which means it will give out. Fortunately, there are plenty of warning signs you shouldn’t ignore that tell you it’s time to look at a new furnace installation and replacement.

  • Strange Sounds
  • Poor Airflow
  • Frequent Cycling
  • No Hot Air
  • Inconsistent Temperatures Throughout The House

If you notice any of these or other issues with your furnace, call us and ask for an evaluation.

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Getting a new air conditioning replacement or heating replacement doesn’t have to break the bank! Call Beltz Home Service Co. in the Ottawa, OH area at 419-421-0072 and ask about our furnace installation and replacement services.