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Are your home’s outlets safe for your family? Call Beltz Home Service Co. and ask about our GFCI outlet installation services.

When you upgrade your home’s outlets, you’re adding an extra level of protection to keep your family safe from shock and from an electrical fire. As we add more and more gadgets onto our home’s electrical load, upgrading the electrical system is essential for safety. Call Beltz Home Service Co. today and ask about our GFCI outlet installation and AFCI outlet installation services.

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Why You Should Upgrade Your Home’s Outlets

Many Americans are living in and purchasing older homes that use outlets that aren’t able to handle the loads put on them by all the modern devices we use. And that puts you and your family at risk of shock and electrical fires. If you plug a lot of appliances and gadgets into your outlets, contact an electrical contractor and ask them about GFCI outlet installation and AFCI outlet installation. These simple upgrades will give you a better experience with your devices and ensure the safety of your family.

Fuse Box vs. Circuit Breaker: Which Is Right For You?

Many older homes were built with fuse boxes while newer homes are built with circuit breakers. Which one is the best?
Fuses are cheap to purchase and offer greater sensitivity than breakers, however this sensitivity sometimes leads to frequently blown fuses. Also, changing fuses in the dark is a hassle. Circuit breakers are easier to reset when tripped and they don’t need replacement like a fuse. Also, circuit breakers are better for the modern household with high electrical loads from all the appliances and devices. If you’re unsure about which is right for you, call and ask about a breaker panel replacement.

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Why Hire Us?

Here in Pandora, OH, residents have many choices in an emergency electrician. But at Beltz Home Service, we go above and beyond for our customers in offering:

  • Emergency Service so you never have to wait when time is of the essence
  • Up front pricing so you know exactly what you will pay
  • Satisfaction guarantee so there’s no risk when you hire us

Whether you need a reliable emergency electrician or are thinking about an emergency backup generator for your home, Beltz Home Service Co. is ready to serve the residents of Pandora, OH with high quality service that’s guaranteed. Call us today for an appointment at 419-421-0072.