Switch & Outlet Repair Services in Findlay

Faulty outlets or switches in your home? It may be time for a repair or a replacement.

We use the outlets and switches in our homes every single day. From switching on lights to washing our clothes, it’s essential to our everyday living that these systems remain working properly. However, like most of the appliances and fixtures in our homes, your outlets and switches may break over time. When this happens, it’s important to get professional help. At Beltz Home Service Co. we are your reliable Findlay electricians. From repairing faulty outlets to upgrade to more modern systems like GFCI outlets and dimming switches, you can count on our staff to find the perfect situation for your home.

Looking to get more power in your home for your modern electronics? Be sure to ask our staff how an electrical panel upgrade can benefit your home!

Common Causes Of Broken Outlets

It can be a real nuisance when an outlet in your home stops working. There a number of causes that may result in a broken outlet. These causes can include:

  • Damaged Breaker: A tripped breaker occurs when an outlet becomes overworked. As an act of safety, the outlet will cease working in order to prevent electrical shock or a fire.
  • Old Wiring: The older your home is, the older your wiring can be. As wiring deteriorates, it can fray and looses, causing an outlet to stop working or work intermittently.
  • Electrical Arcs: Caused when there’s an excess of electricity running between wires, and electrical arc, in addition to damaging your outlet, could pose fire risks for your home.
  • Power Overload: There’s a reason you shouldn't connect every appliance into an outlet. If it’s on the older side, it won’t be able to carry the load and can short out.

The most common cause of outlet damage is age. While many of the electrical outlets in your home still work, they may not be rated to power many of your more modern outlets. This is why upgrading to new receptacles can help your home.

With AFCI outlet installations, which protect you from electrical arcs, and USB compatible outlets, you can easily power all of your appliances while still protecting your home and grid from any power overloads.

What Is GFCI Outlet and Do You Need It?

GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter. Its job is to prevent electrocutions by stopping the flow of electricity when it senses danger. A common cause of electrocution in homes is electricity accidentally coming into contact with water. This is specifically common in rooms that have a lot of electricity and water such as bathrooms and kitchens.

The receptacles in a GFCI will eliminate these risks and keep your home protected against these occurrences. When a surge is noted, the outlet turns off, similar to a breaker in your electrical panel. This stops the flow of power to that outlet and also protects you and your home in the process.

Although your outlets tend to have a long lasting life, never overlook complications based on your beliefs. If you notice complications with an outlet, it’s great to invest in your safety by installing new ones. A lot of people enjoy replacing outlets for aesthetics purposes but there’s more to an outlet than just a fancy casing. Consult with a trained technician to find out what kind of outlet will best cater to your household’s needs.

We are your Findlay electricians. Be sure to ask our staff how we can help resolve other outlet risks like loose or old wiring repairs.

Your Trusted Electricians

Here at Beltz Home Service Co., we help homeowners across the greater Findlay area. If you are experiencing any outlet or switch malfunction, we’re here to help. Our professional electricians have over 20 years of experience and can take care of your issues safely and professionally. While there are many DIY savvy homeowners in the area, electrical repairs can pose serious risks not only for your health but also your home. An electrical switch installation done incorrectly can even result in fires!

At Beltz Home Service Co. we make the entire process simple. We diagnose your damaged outlet and perform the repair. We can also help you upgrade to more modern outlets with our GFCI, AFCI, and even USB outlet insulation. Your outlets should be a convenience for your home, and with the help of our experts, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Looking to upgrade the electrical outlets in your Findlay home? Call us at (419) 421-0072 and let our expert electricians help you with our outlet repair and installation services.