Gas Line Services in Findlay

Concerned about your home’s gas lines? Beltz Home Service Co. professionals are happy to help with repair and installation services!

If you’re a homeowner, then you know how important natural gas is to your daily life. It’s what allows you to cook, clean, and heat your home, which is why when you suspect damages or problems with your gas lines, it’s important to seek out help right away. At Beltz Home Service Co., our reliable technicians are here to assist in all of your gas line repair and installation needs. For every problem, we create personalized solutions that are effective and long-lasting. And because we know the dangers associated with gas lines, we always arrive on time and help protect your home.

A damaged gas line is considered a plumbing emergency. Our expert staff is available 24/7 and always has someone to answer the phone.

Your Gas Line May Be Damaged If...

When your gas lines are experiencing trouble, it’s not always noticeable right away. Natural gas is colorless and odorless so you have to rely on other signs in order to know what steps to take next.

  • Trust Your Body: Although gas isn’t always visible, you can definitely feel it when a gas leak is present. Dizziness and nausea is a common symptom of a gas leak. If you randomly smell an egg-like odor, you could be experiencing a leak. Plumbers add sulfur so homeowners will be able to smell trouble before it worsens. You might also hear a hissing sound which is another cause for alarm.
  • Pay Attention To Utility Bill: If you notice a sudden spike in your utility bill, this could be the result of a gas leak. Even when it's not in use, your gas lines will leak, resulting in the spikes.
  • Check Your Appliances: Pay attention to the appliances in and outside of your home that run on the gas line. If they are making odd noises or aren’t working properly, contact a technician for an immediate inspection.
  • Plants & Windows: If your plants are located in an area where gas lines run and you notice that they are decomposing, despite being watered, this could be a sign that the gas line needs repair. Another thing that you might notice is condensation on the windows in the area, particularly if you don’t see it on other windows.

When dealing with damaged gas lines, the sooner action is taken, the better. Damaged gas lines are hazardous and can cause a lot of trouble. If you suspect anything a little off with your gas lines, don’t hesitate to call Beltz Home Service Co. and we’ll have a trained technician at your door quick, fast, and in a hurry!

When to Consider Upgrading Your Gas Line

Not every gas line situation is an emergency. If you are in the process of construction or remodeling, your home would benefit greatly from our gas line installation services. Even if you’re just doing a few upgrades or have recently purchased a gas appliance, our experts at Beltz Home Service Co. are here to assist. We specialize in new gas line installation and can help you power fixtures like:

  • Outdoor grills and kitchens
  • Hot tub and pool heaters
  • Fire pits
  • Landscape fixtures
  • And More

We always use the best materials and take the time to inspect all our work so that your new gas line installation won’t cause an issue in the future.

Worried your old gas lines are damaged? Be sure to ask about our detailed gas leak detection services to get to the bottom of your issues.

Your Reliable Plumbing Contractors

Since 2001, Beltz Home Service Co. has been providing our clients with professional services and long-term solutions. We understand the importance of gas lines and are dedicated to ensuring your comfort. Whether you’re firing up your gas burning fireplace or cooking some tasty barbecue, it’s important that your gas lines are in the best shape possible. When a repair or installation need arises, you can count on us to provide quality service every time.

Looking to install or replace gas lines in your Findlay home? Call Beltz Home Service Co. today at (419) 421-0072 and work with the best gas line contractors in the business.