Electricity has changed our world and it has an effect on almost every aspect of our life. Despite how central it is to our lives, it’s still dangerous technology that, if not used properly, can lead to severe injury or even death.

Thus, it’s important that you always take precautions when dealing with electricity and that you always use it correctly. Given the very real risks electricity presents, we encourage you to never take on a DIY project that involves electrical systems.

Further, it’s important to always use extreme caution when dealing with electricity in your home. With this in mind, today we’ll talk about some electrical hazards and some ways you can help to protect your home and your family from these hazards.

Electrical Circuit and Electrical Shocks

Electric CircuitAn electrical shock occurs when your body comes in contact with electrical energy. Electrical energy can flow through the human body, which means that a current can travel to various parts of your body creating major health concerns.

These types of shocks are generally the result of touching wires, circuits or appliances that are not safe or that are in need of repair. Depending on the extent of the shock, it can cause no injury or very serious injuries.

As a result, electrical shocks are one of the most concerning electrical hazards. They can be extremely dangerous and are something you should attempt to avoid whenever possible. If you have any concerns about wiring, appliances or circuits in your home, always play it safe by turning off the electricity to these areas and calling a professional.

The Risk of Electrical Burns

Electrical Burn VicitimOne of the most common types of electrical injury is an electrical burn. This occurs when your skin comes in contact with an electrical current.

This often looks similar to a normal burn; however, it can also cause internal damage that you might not be able to see or detect.

Given that risk, it’s important to seek medical attention if you receive an electrical burn. Also, immediately turn off power to whatever caused the shock.

The Simple Precaution of Unplugging Appliances

One easy way to make your home a little safer and to decrease the risk of an electrical fire is to unplug appliances when you’re not using them.

If an appliance is plugged in, an electrical current is still running through it. This can cause it to heat up and increases the risk of an electrical fire.

Unplugging appliances means that there is no current running through it and that you have no risk of extra heat or any sort of electrical concern. It’s an easy way to make your home just a little bit safer. Despite how comfortable we feel using electricity, it nevertheless can be incredibly dangerous.

As such, it’s important to always use caution when dealing with electricity and to never take on home projects dealing with electricity without the necessary skill and experience. If you have any electrical questions or concerns, call Beltz Home Service Co. today at (419) 210-3239. Our experienced professionals will handle any issues that you have to ensure that both you and your home are safe.

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